A great invention is mandatory for nation’s progress : CM’s Mamata and KCR

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Two Chief Ministers KCR and Mamtha Banerjee meeting went on for two hours at Kolkata Secretariate. Then both of the CM”s came out and addressed Media.

They Stated that “This Federal front will remain as the biggest alliance never before in country. Federal front is meant only for the public welfare, and not for the party benefits. Though plenty of Natural resources are available in the country none of the Congress and BJP Government shown their inability to utilize them. The public have witnessed the alien rule of both the Congress as well as the BJP party. They got vexed with their supremacy and getting suppressed under their rule. Everybody are aware what drastic changes have occurred in the nation. No development is visible under present government and also in the past. 

Neither the BJP nor Congress Parties both have failed miserably to solve the people’s problem. That is why the general public have lost interest in them and are eager to see a revolutionary change. This will be possible only through third front. Neglected areas like farming and agricultural sectors will be given preference.

A magic should be prevailed in the society for that process third front is making attempts to solve public obstacles. All light minded people are welcomed to join in our party. A great invention is mandatory for nation’s progress.”




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