Ajit Doval The Modern Indian James Bond

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Ajit Doval The Modern Indian James Bond


Ajit Kumar Doval is the fifth and current National Security Advisor (NSA) to the Prime Minister of India. He is a retired Indian Police Services (IPS) officer of the Kerala cadre and a former Indian intelligence and law enforcement officer.

Born in Uttarakhand in 20th January, 1945, he was the youngest police officer in India to be awarded the Kirti Chakra meritorious service, a gallantry award for military personnel.

India’s September 2016 surgical strike and February 2019 Balakot airstrikes across the border in Pakistan were conducted under the supervision of Doval.

He also helped end the Doklam stand-off and took decisive measures to tackle insurgency in the Northeast.

Doval began his police career in 1968 as an IPS officer and was actively involved in anti-insurgency operations in Mizoram and Punjab. He played a key role as one of the three negotiators in the release of passengers from the hijacked IC-814 in Kandahar in 1999. He successfully terminated at least 15 hijackings of Indian Airlines aircraft between 1971 and 1999.

Sri Doval is said to have spent seven years as an undercover operative in Pakistan gathering intelligence on active militant groups.

After a one-year stint as a secret agent, he worked at the Indian High Commission in Islamabad for six years.

Sri Doval had also played a key role in gathering intelligence for ‘Operation Blue Star’, for which he had become a rikshawala made the Khalistan Militants to believe him as Pak agent who could supply arms and ammunition for insurgency activities. But in reality after gathering the information he prepared the blue print of Golden Temple area covered by the Militants without a piece of paper.  Finally, the operation Blue Star was successful to choke Khalistan militancy in 1984.

Doval went to Kashmir in 1990 and convinced hardcore militants and troops to become counter-insurgents, clearing the way for Jammu & Kashmir elections in 1996.

Sri Ajit Doval spent a major part of his career as an active field Intelligence officer with the Intelligence Bureau (IB). With a plethora of well-known awards, honours, and records to his credit, Sri Doval has built a reputation for taking a strict stance against militancy and terrorism.

After his retirement in 2009, Sri Doval became the founder director of Vivekananda International Foundation.

In 2014, Sri Ajit Doval ensured the release of 46 Indian nurses who were trapped in a hospital in Tikrit, Iraq. He went on a top-secret mission and flew to Iraq on June 25, 2014, to understand the position on the ground and made high-level connections in the Iraq government.

On July 5, 2014, the nurses were brought back to India. Later, Doval also headed a successful military operation in Myanmar along with the Army Chief General Dalbir Singh Suhag against National Socialist Council of Nagaland militants operating out of Myanmar.

A miracle man and God’s gift to Our Nation who could single handedly dealt with the foreign nations which are seriously in internal war and with the rogue ISIS militancy. He instead of becoming IPS officer, choose to work for the IB, RA&W went to Pakistan was there for 7 long years as undercover agent. While working in Pak he was caught by a local handler and asked him to remove his ear ring, if not you will be identified as Indian. That was his luck and never saw back in his stint as Intelligence Officer.

A James Bond who went to Tikrit, Iraq to save Indian Nurses. By that time Tikrit area is under the control of ISIS militants. He had discussions with the top brass of Iraq, Iran and other nearby national leaders to ensure safe release of those Indian Keralite nurses.

A strong man who stood like rock against the mighty (said to be) China in Doklam area and advised the PM of India not to go back till the problem resolved. For 72 days of standoff, Chaina retreated his PLA forces from Doklam a great strategy against the Super Power.

In 2019, Doval was reappointed as National Security Advisor for five more years and given a Cabinet rank in the second term of the Narendra Modi-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government.

We all say loudly ‘Many Many HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY’, belated to SHRI AJIT DOVALJI.

We Salute him for the greatest works undertaken for the sake of this nation and we pray God to give him a thousand years of life to safeguard the interests of our nation.  We also be thankful to our beloved Prime Minister of India for keeping such type of personnel to upkeep the proudness of BHARATH MATHA.





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