AP CM Naidu inagurates Bhairivani Tippa Project in Ananthapur.

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Ananthapur – Today AP CM Naidu will inagurate the Bhairivani Tippa Project in Ananthapur district. On this occassion he delivered the speech regarding the stratagies of TDP party to woo the public mindset. He expressed his views that after the state bifurcation into Telangana and Amaravathi the public faced lot of hazards there is shortage of funds allocation, nill employment and less income.In the coastal city there is still threat of cyclones. I was the stalwart behind the IT sector development in Hyderabad and transformed it into a metropolitan city . The NDA Government did not do any wellfare activities it betrayed the trust of Andhra people by not sanctioning special category status as promised by them during elections. This party is bluffing the public faith by telling fake statements. During the No Motion Confidence our party stood united fo fight for AP rights in Parliament. NDA showed lot of partiality towards alloting of funds to AP states. It has tied allies with another corruption party YSRCP party to humiliate our party standards. Now the public are seeing the true colors of opposition partys . They do not posses any concern in solving public problems.

TDP party is the only solo individual independent party which always stood up for Telugu people voice under the establishment of my former father –in law Nandamuri Taraka Rama rao and im following his traits upto now. Apart from it I was responsible for moulding Hyderabad into a fast Cyderabad similarly Amaravathi will soon bloom into a blossoming flower. I heartly salute to all my fellow farmers for giving me boost up through out my journey. Cement roads, sanitation, drinking water , irrigation projects, and the supply of KIA motors. We have also provided 25,000 jobs to the unemployed youth. This mega project will be completed at the end of January month. From now onwards Ananthpur will not be called a scarcity place it will be changed into florishing wealth city. Plenty of colleges and Central University will also be established. The Anantapur Corridor will modify into industrial hub, hardware and automobile companys will soon emerge here. Lot of wellfare activies also progessed under my leadership Chandranna Bheema – 5lakhs given to accidents and 2 lakhs compensation to the persons dying below 50 years . Poor people who cannot afford to get their daughters married will be offered 50 – 60 thousand rupees as Pelli Kanuka to Girijans, Minorities and Backwardclass people . I have been holding the CM post for 9 years and also stood as a powerful opposition leader also my humble appeal to all the people is vote for honesty and hardworking party that is TDP


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