Cat Fish Smuggling Gang Busted at International Airport

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Cat Fish Smuggling Gang Busted at International Airport

Every time public witness the smuggling of gold biscuits, black money, weapons, drugs  but this time a new scenario prevailed at the shamshabad International Airport.  Cat fish smuggling busted at the Shamshabad airport.  Almost 1 lac Live Fish Seed Caught and two culprits where arrested by customs officers.

As Breifed by airport authorities… details are as follows. Shamsha bad Airport authorities got a tip of information that Huge quantities of cat fish were actively transporting from Kolkata to Bidar via Shamshabad airport.  According to the available information given by the whistle bowlers the customs department seized the cat fish supply and arrested the culprits at airport.  They transporting 1 Lac fish seed in almost 40 Cartons. There is ban imposed on the Selling Cat Fish.  Smugglers even though making enforcement authorities  vision blind and making their business in the country. Officer said that their plan is to reach bidar and unload the fish seed meanwhile they where caught at shamshabad airport who where travelling Indigo Airlines. Customs official immediately informed to the fisheries department. The fisheries department proposing  to bury the cat fish. They appealed to the fisherman not to go for fishing and catch cat fish for business. Cat fish resembles the whiskers of a cat that is why it is named as cat fish. They belong to the diverse group of ray fined fishes, it possess stings on its back and it is not recommended as a fish diet food to be consumed by humans as it has lethal effects.


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