City of destiny and Jewel of East coast…. Non Other Than “VIZAG”

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City of destiny and Jewel of East coast…. Non Other Than “VIZAG”

  • Though Natural disaster Hudhuh bombarded it could not hamper the original beauty of vizag
  • Araku is ranked numer 1 andhra hill station along with it lambasingi is the andhra kashmir were climate is always chilled with lot of greenery
  • it is commonly called as city of destiny as who ever resides here their life prosper and their wish will be full filled


Visakhapatnam is an attractive Scenic beauty city nestled on the eastern coast of Andhra Pradesh which is famous for its food tourism and friendliness. It is commonly known as Vizag, tourists from different places visit  to enjoy its hospitality. Compared with other fast growing metropolitan cities like Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai, Vizag is emerging as a hub providing employment to youngsters. It is an adorable city called by non-locals as the cost of living is reasonable.The people residing in vizag are very jovial, friendly and treats everyone with a warm welcome, compassion which makes a stranger also become a good pal in a short span of time. Kailasha giri is a famous hill top , tourists can see the entire view of vizag at a glance another major special attraction is huge statues of lord Shiva and Parvathi. Beaches like Gangavaram, Yerada, Ramakrishna, Rushikonda and Bheemili are famous for film shootings. Legendary Tollywood Producer Rama Naidu Studio is also set up were lot of cine lovers pay a visit to capture every pic of their favourite actor up to peaks. Andhra University is one of the oldest educational institution in which national science congress was held and became a grand success attended by former scientist president APJ Abdul Kalam and other dignitaries.

Vizag has another major attraction that is Araku Andra hill station an agency area which is imbibed with infinity fauna,flora,wide range of gigantic beautiful waterfalls like Katiki, Chapraye, Ranajeel apart from it tribal museum padamavathi gardens and Borra Caves are the most favourite side-seeing places.

Tribal people produce pure honey, spices, ayurvedic products predominantly from girijan corporation. Dhimsa dance is a famous folk dance of tribes as a part of promoting rich cultural heritage.

Simhachalam is another ancient spiritual temple an incarnation of lord Simhadri Appana, lot of devotees travel from far away places to visit god and seek blessings. Visakhapatnam Port Trust is a major port for export and import of cargo.Eastern Naval Command portrays the role of a warrior protecting from intruders from entering the city. It also offers a wide variety of mouth watering street food like panipuri, chat, pavbhaji, noodles, jalebi  punugulu and spicy sea food also. Vizag faced a lot of hurdles due to natural disaster in the name of Hudhuh Tsunami due to which lot of greenery was deteriorated, big buildings collapsed huge trees broke down blocking the roads, people became homeless their property was damaged, there was scarcity for food ,power and shelter, despite of all this horrified trauma with in a span of 6 months its regained its glory and blossomed back into a wonderful flower forever.  

Naval Fleet -Different types of helicopters, War ships will be displayed an honour felicitated to all the ferocious defence officers in addition to it flower show is also organised it is a boost to all the public to see attractive flowers, nursery. These are the two noteworthy famous festivals of vizag which nobody wants to miss and wants to witness these events with a lot of enthusiasm up to peaks. Beach is an excellent place to chill out with beloved ones and friends. Yoga is a basic element to stress out and to maintain body equilibrium to be fit and healthy. That’s why lot of fitness activities are conducted every year like marathon 1k run became grand success. Many celebrities also emerged and sparkled as superstars like Gollapudi Maruthi Rao(Veteran Actor)Poornima , Pradeep, Nani, Prince, RaviTeja, Subaraju, Puri Jagannadh, Rashmi, Indian Idol winner Revanth singer. A depressed lonely person who has no ample ray of hope on his life will be deeply delighted if he sits for a while in the beach will forget his sorrow and become jovial observing the bay. Vizag will soon grow into a gigantic hub city fulfilling the demands and needs of every citizen. That is how vizag secured the title as City of destiny and Jewel of East coast.



Bora Anupama


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