Cosmetics are a boon for  a woman’s  charisma  forever

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A female with average looks desires to look attractive and beautiful by applying cosmetics products and wanted to grab attention and get noticed were ever she roams .

Cosmetics are the substances used to modity a woman’s  personality  These products are widely used by women of all ages for their hair,body care and health , It is mandatory that woman deserves to be respected, admired and appreciated by men for their hard working,helping nature,friendliness and carrying responsibilities on their shoulders. Cosmetics give boost up  and makes a woman feel more confident, reliable  regarding her image. That is the main reason there is a huge demand for beauty products in the tinsel town.

Ingredients –  These are used to glorify woman’s beauty secret. These include skin care creams, face powders,body lotions,nail polish,lipsticks and lipbalm, lipcare, colored contact lenses,eyes.facial make up, hair colors, hair wigs,hair sprays, deodrants, gels, bathsoaps, bathoils. Commonly used cosmetics products are mascara, eyeliner, kajol, eye shadow,foundation cream, pink powder,compact powder, skin cleanser and toner, hair styling products like curler, straighter, roller, gel hair spray, perfume and cologne. Cosmetics applied on the face is  know as make up.

cosmetics as intended to be applied  to the human body for cleansing , beautifying, promoting attractiveness to the woman’s physical appearance which reflects her personality..Some of the famous cosmetic products are Maybelline , Loreal Paris, Oriflame, Lotus, Biotique, Lakme Dazzler, Ellie 18, Nyke, Ayush, Bobbi Brown Amyway and Revlon. Some of the preservatives used in cosmetics are paraben, quaternion-15, imidazdinyluree, phenoxyethanol, formaldehyde, cosmetics without  synthetic ingredient are regarded as harmful to the skin.

Cosmetics beautify and blossom woman’s  charishma, skin creams and lotions  are used to deep- cleanse the skin. 

1.Cosmetic cleansing products thoroughly cleanse the skin an eliminates the micro-organisms.

2.Moisturisers are applied to prevent drying of skin to keep it smooth and radiant,it also gives protection against cold winds and acts as a lubricating agent.

3. Sun cream lotion protects the body from harmful ultraviolet rays and minimise the risk of skin cancer.

4.Cosmetics contain vitamins such as A,D,E,K  which are very essential  for health,skin,hair .

5. To tackle body odor one can use deodorant and perfumes to make them feel fresh and comfort through out the day.

6.Concealers – Dark spots and pimples on the faces can be reduced. Make-UP – Gives a blossoming  appeal to the facial expresions.

7.Anti-Ageing  Creams- Covers dark circles and wrinkles.

8.Nail art- It is a design made on the nails for attraction and to feel beautiful.  By using all these products woman feels delighted as it enhances her beauty which brings a drastic change in her personality. That is the reason females purchase expensive brands which makes her complete and self confident and do not go for cheap local products as they damage the skin texture. 

The usage of cosmetics  started from 10,000 BC in ancient Egypt. Both men and women use ointments to clean skin and eliminate body odors, Kohl a ground black mineral was applied  to the eyes to  decrease sun glare and reduces the risk of eye infection. Global expenditure spent on cosmetics is estimated about $41.4 billion in 2016. Celebs like Alicia Keys and Alessia Cara showed up with no make up movement  at the MTV Video Music A wards.

1.Boost up confidence – Putting on makeup is like putting on a pair of high heels.It gives you confidence  and makes you feel more in control .

2.Helps you connect with other woman – Cosmetics act as a connector to greet each other

3.Prepare for battle – Putting on make up helps us to step into a entirely different  roles in our lives  .

Cosmetics potray a significant role in every woman’s life. Females  are very much fond of various  beauty products to look pretty and attractive. In the cosmetic industry skin care products and fragnances  occupy top most chronological order.Many woman has opined that applying makeup gives them extra boost up to present themselves well.Mascara, eye liner and kajal  makes the eye look more appealing. Woman apply makeup to attend meetings,partys,occasions and event shows, it also helps a woman to aquire a job quickly as people consider beautiful woman as powerful and intelligent to tackle any problem that approaches them.

Irrestpective of age from a teenager to a grany daily use  cosmetic products to grab attention from guys. Where ever they go not a single handbag is seen without any makeup kit. A woman may neglect her husband or boyfriend but does not forget to keep cosmetics products  in her kit. Now a Days several beauty parlours are growing like mushrooms in every street  offering beauty care services. They always coming into market by posing with many attractive offers on festivals.  They always provide manicure, pedicure, waxing, threading, facepacks, facial, bridal make-up services, dandruff treatment,hair cuts, nail art ,mehendi, skin polishing, massages and different hair styles according to the  needs  of a woman. In addition  to it online shopping also offers special packages and discounts on all some Products.  Moreover TOP Branded beauty saloons is also giving training to beauticians  and prepares beauty products and weight loss  management programs. Celebrities, models, air hostess, working woman and teenage girls are more prone towards cosmetics products usage.

  • Grooming  is merging as an integral part of youth lifestyle.
  • Cosmetics are ruling  the entire nation  making  the women feel more confident and complete.                                                                                                                                                           ***


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