Devotees Visit ‘Edupayalu Goddess’ to fulfill their cherished wishes

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The sacred river Ganga splits into seven streams that is how it captured the name Edupayalu. The specialty of this temple is associated with the names of spiritual seven stages namely – Jamadagni, Bharadwaja, Atri, Kasyapa, Viswamitra, Vasista and Gowtama who potray a signficant role in Hindu mythology. 

Powerful Goddess Durga Bhavani is deeply worshipped by the Telangana people. The auspicious temple is located at Nagasanpalli, Pappana mandal at Medak district 112 kms away from Hyderabad. Edupayala Jatara is one of the popular festivals of Telangana state which has achieved National acclaim. Goddess Vana Durga originated from a tunnel called Pedda Gotta Sorangam. This area is like a thick dense forest covered with fauna and flora which mesmerizes the devotees who visit the spiritual temple every-year. It recreates a beautiful scenario which nobody want to miss, and they recollect the attractive glimpse of natural beauty. One should definitely visit this temple during the monsoon season which glorifies its essence of beauty embedded with exotic green fields. Edupayala Jatara is a noteworthy auspicious jatara of Telangana that is delightfully celebrated for three days during Shivratri. Pilgrims firmly believe that if they take a holy bath in Papalu Madugu lake all their sins will be perished. According to the available sources in history the temple was formed in the 12th century.

Temple History:

Durga Bhavani is the presiding deity of the temple. The shrine is located at the meeting point of seven streams. Huge number of ardent devotees take bath in holy water of the streams before visiting the temple. Pilgrims pray to Goddess Vana Durga for good cultivation.


King Janamjeya Raju is the grandson of third Archery Pandava prince Arjun. He is angy with Snakes as his father  Parikshit was bitten by a Snake Bite. Due to this frustration he decided to completely destroy the snake community. As a part of it  he took the suggestions from Ancient Rushi’s and then he performed ritual  that is Sarpa Yagam(To kill the Snakes in the Fire Pot). This created lot of turmoil and the Snake God approached Goddess Ganga and seeked her help . She became cautious and decided to to find out a solution to safeguard their lives, and then came to a conclusion to  divide the Manjeera river into seven streams.  These streams put off the ignited fire and touched the holy feet of the Goddess by which snake race has been rescued. This holy place from then onwards was worshiped. And to witness this magnificent view millions of devotees from different parts of the country visit the temple. A huge number of ardent pilgrims take a holy bath in these sacred streams before entering the temple. Devotees offer animal sacrifice Hen, sheep as an offering to Goddess to fulfill their cherished wishes. Along with it a famous Bandi Utsavam is also conducted every-year which is another major attraction for this spiritual festival were you can see 100’s of decorated attractive bullock carts from 35 villages rotate around the temple premises and this festival will concludes with Rathovsavam.  lakhs of devotees thronge to visit Vana Durga temple. Apart from it Pothirajulu and Shivashaktulu were also seen at the temple. Shop vendors made a huge profit by selling CDS,Compact disc, bangles, kumkuma-sandal,  lemons, turmeric, coconuts, banana, flowers, inscence sticks, dhupam sticks, sweets, cooldrinks, meat. on the eve of edupayala jatara. Every- year there is always an immense increase in the devotees compared to previous year. Devotees have to get few essential commodities along with them for the three days jatara-water bottle, food materials,clothing,vehicle for their visit to temple. They make all the necessary arrangements for a comfortable three day stay in jatara- Devotees prepare their own food and set-up a tent. Similarly special attractions – Navrathri Utsavalu, Magama Amavasya are some of his famous festival. Eduapayala jatara is considered as 2nd largest congregation of millions of devotees after Samakka- Saraka jatara in the Telangana region. This Historical Festival is the pride and honour of the Telangana.


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