Differences In Judiciary – Danger To Democracy

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After watching so much of discussion in electronic media and print media I feel to brought out some of the facts and details about the Judicial system in the yester years and now a days, the happenings, the dos and don’t dos. 

It has become fashion to the people to comment on Judiciary in their own fashion and fancy.  For example a politician an ex-CM of a big State commented that his punishment of inprisonment is only on political reasons. His son informed media regarding his father’s  jail term is only on political terms. 

How a politician and his son, kith and kin of him come to a conclusion that the punishment only on political vendetta? Whether they resort to such practise earlier colluding with the Judges sitting at high places? If so who are they? This should be brought out by these elements to safeguard the Judiciary of this nation. If in case they can not prove with evidences, these people should be put behind bars under Contempt of Court along with other criminal sections under IPC. 

In the same way, if some of the judges at down the level courts may comment something on their fellow judges due to the pressure built by the local politicians and different authorities of that local District.  But the Justices from the Apex Court comeout with differences in regard to their administrative practises, being shown as great democratic values shall have to be dealt with harsh and in future no Justice of the Apex Court shall not come out without discussing the same internally in different aspects. 

Ofcourse, the Chief Justice of any State HC or Apex Court will have their own discritionary powers. For example if some cases have been allotted to some of the Judges time and again  not necessaryly means that he is bypassing some other judges in his Court. It is the practise of the CJ of the Apex Court and no Judges till 4 Judges event not happened.  Why and how it has happened needs to be discussed in a threadbear manner. 

Some people explaining that Pakistan media appreciating the Indian Democratic System in regard to press conference of Justices of Apex Court.  This could be accptable but how some of the writes putting this a point in their writings in print media is only my wonder. Pakistan need not give us a Certificate in regard to Democracy in India and at the same time our own people need not have to take it as an appreciation, since, how Pakistan is acting in their own country undemocratically and the acts & deeds of leaders in their nation, not only India but also the whole world watching carefully. Many people are viewing the reference of Pakistan is intentional and trying to divert the things happened in the Apex Court. 

In view of the Judicial System, a  Justice has been appointed in Apex Court is a Judge to decide the cases put before their benches and the decision of the Judge/Bench is final as far as Indian Judiciary System is concerned. One can accept or not this is a true and fact, the Senior and the Junior are relavant to only their promotions in line internally but not for petitioners/respondents in the cases or outside public.

Immediately after the Press Conference, one of the Justices confered press meet, met with Sri D.Raja, Leader CPI and in the very Press Conference the  Press Representatives participated from electronic media and print media are considered to be against the Central Government. Out of the journalists the prominent are standing just behind the 4 Judges of Apex Court and are being consulted by these judges time and again, which gives raise of eye brows of the some sections of the society, it seems. Is there any Conspiracy theory taking shape shall have to be probed by the internal agencies. 

People also discussing widely regarding, how Judges of Apex Court come out openly and held press conference against their own Chief Justice? If in any Official at highest level indulge in such indisciplines activity he/she shall be subjected to suspension pending inquiry, since, Officers are the responsible persons to discharge functions ie. plan execute, divise, etc. shall have to be done by them, hence, they need to be prosecuted for their indicipline activity.  In the same way why not these Judges not been taken to the task, taking the lackness Rules by taking shelter of the same can these people be acted? An SC Judge of High Court has been put being bars due to his indiscipline act by these Judges of Apex Court, but in this incident why these Judges have not been punished till date but are bargaining their rights, why? On whose pretext these Judges are working. How a political party leader immediately after Press Conference, met one of the Judges held press conference, this can not be viewed as conspiracy against the Government. 

People of this nation, the Constitution of India shall have to decide the fate of the 4 Judges and a decision in this regard shall have to be taken by the Government of India in consultation with the President of India along with experts from Constitutional Acts  and henceforth no such act should not happen in future. People also are viewing this incident  and are feeling that if the Apex Court Judges act in such a indiscipline act how the society may receive the message, hence, be punished them ruthlessly as far as the Rules of the Apex Court are concerned but not going to the Constitutional Remidies. 

In view of the  above discussion and the things happening in the Judicial System citizen of India are of the opinin that it is the bounden fact that the Democracy of India is dangerously moving and the internal people who would like to destabilize the nation are acting actively on all five fronts. Hence, any action initiated or muted against the indiciplined people be a stringent one and no other person should resort to act against JUDICIARY of our nation.





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