Dr. MCR HRD Institute Celebrates Telangana Formation with Grandeur  

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Dr. MCR HRD Institute Celebrates Fourth Anniversary of Telangana Formation with Grandeur  

Dr. MCR HRD Institute of Telangana celebrated fourth anniversary of formation of Telangana State with gaiety and fervor. The entire campus was enveloped in a celebratory mood.The Officers, Faculty, Staff, and Trainee Group-I Officers, ASOs of Central Secretariat Services, and Ministerial Staff of the Police Department participated.

“Golden People” for “Golden Telangana”

Sri A K Goel, IAS (Retd.), Advisor to Govt. for Planning & Energy, in his inspiring address, said that Telangana State, since its inception in 2014, has succeeded in achieving the commanding heights both in economic development and welfare. However, he stated that the dream of “Golden Telangana” cannot be fully achieved by Government alone and underlined the need for “Golden People”,fully equipped with high levels of competence and commitment, to fully realize the dream of “Bangaru Telangana”. He paid homage to those who sacrificed their life for separate statehood and called upon employees to contribute their best in order to realize the dreams of Telangana martyrs.

Sri B P Acharya, IAS, Spl. Chief Secretary & DG, Dr. MCR HRD Institute underlined the importance of inclusive economic development in which its fruits reach the weaker sections of society in ample measure. He advised the officers to process the files with a human touch using their head and heart, considering the fact that behind every file there are peopleand their aspirations. “Mere expert knowledge of jobs is not enough. For the ultimate success, a high level of motivation to serve the poorest of the poor is the need of the hour”, he said and added that he was fortunate to have all his postings in Telangana region alone.

Telangana-Centric Events

As a part of the celebrations, the Trainees Group-I Officers reviewed the book entitled, “The Fall & Rise of Telangana”, authored by Dr. GautamPingle. In addition, they participated in Essay Writing and Elocution Competitions with the theme being “My Perspective of Bangaru Telangana”. Sri A K Goel and Sri B P Acharya presented medals to the winners in these competitions. 

Dr. GautamPingle, Dean of Studies shared the details about the launching of“Telangana News Aggregator”, which will be a one-stop website for people across the globe to read the news about Telangana that appear in Telugu and English newspapers, on a daily basis.

A Fun-filled Cultural Extravaganza: 

The Trainee Group-I Officers presented a feature-rich Cultural Program and showcased their extraordinary talents in singing and dancing. They literally set the stage afire. Not just the performers; many trainees in the audience gave in to the festive mood. They took the dance floor, matched the expert dancers, step for step, and provided a great foot tapping time for one and all. The artists from Dept. of culture also presented a number of high-voltage performances and garnered huge applause. 

Earlier, Sri B Venkateswara Rao, IAS, ADG welcomed the gathering. Dr. S M Nabi, Director, Training gave an overview of the competitions.The lively anchoring by Sri Bharath Reddy and MrsManviJagan, Trainee Group I-Officers, was an icing on the cake. 


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