‘Enforcement’ raids successful Break to Irregularities in Civil Supplies

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‘Enforcement’ raids successful

Break to Irregularities in Civil Supplies

843 inspections and raids in one year

71 criminal cases, 6A cases 165

Commissioner for Civil Supplies Sri C.V. Anand

Civil Supplies Department’s experiment gained success in putting breaks to illegal transportation of PDS commodities, mainly ration rice by introducing Enforcement wing. Irregularities in Civil Supplies, PDS commodities, mainly rice, which was meant to benefit the poor section by Telangana government was diverted to black market has been controlled by strict vigil with the help of Enforcement wing with SP rank police officers as chief, which was established a year ago.

Noticing lack of check and vigil, which helped irregularity in Civil Supplies, diversion of ration rice to black market, we planned to established this wing to put check on the illegal operations in Civil Supplies Department said Commissioner for Civil Supplies Sri C.V. Anand.

To curb corruption, pilferages, and malpractices in supply of essential commodities, including rice, prevent illegal activities, putting breaks on Rice Millers, Transport contractors and no compromise in quality, with Retired Police Officers, Revenue, Commercial Tax and other departments a 20 members Enforcement team was established on 1st February, 2017. For one year for this team estimated cost of Rs. 1.25 crores expenditure is recurred, and a deterrence amount upto Rs. 500 crore is prevented.

Two months exercise was done to recruit this team. Taking into consideration of their history, honesty, commitment, hard work, appointed this team on contract basis said Commissioner Anand.

Preventing illegal diversion of PDS Rice, check on government private godowns, stage 1 & stage 2 vehicles checking, changes in transactions before and after introduction of ePOS machines, performance of GPS, Supply Chain Management (SCM) are the responsibilities the Enforcement team will perform. The teams will perform raids and check statewide, if found guilty will book cases and give reports to government, District Collectors and Civil Supplies Department. District Collectors will take necessary steps based on these reports.

From February 2017 to 31st January, 2018 Enforcement teams have conducted 843 raids and special checks on Mandal Level Godowns, FP Shops, CMR Mills, organizations receiving Sannay Biyyam for Mid-day meal programmes, Hostels, Welfare Schools, LPG godowns, vehicles, trains transporting PDS rice to other states.

The inspection resulted in booking 165 cases U/s 6(A) EC Act, and 71 Criminal Cases. It seized to the tune of 12,619 quintals of Ration Rice, 2,619 quintals of CMR Paddy worth of Rs. 3.60 Crores. The checks also resulted in seizure of sugar, LPG cylinders, Kerosene oil etc., worth Rs. 3.90 lakhs.

The surprise checks and inspections also helped the department to detect the shortage and prevented the misappropriation of paddy, Sanna Biyyam and PDS rice to the extent of Rs. 6.39 Crore.

Type of Inspected No. of Checks 6A Cases Criminal Cases
CMR Rice Mills 316 28 11
MLS Points 144 1 1
Ration Shops 78 35 7
LPG Outlets 17 2
Petrol Bunks 8
Mid-day Meals, Schools, Hostels and Residential Schools 117
PDS rice caught at other places / vehicles / trains 163 99 52
Total 843 165 71


With Enforcement vigil in Khamman, Nalgonda, Suryapet district four PD cases are been booked on illegal traders by the respective District Collectors. Illegal transportation of PDS rice stopped to large extent. We are able to collect 100% CMR rice from millers. With frequent checks on Rice mills we are able to check whether is there any government rice left out, CMR Rice been handed over to government in mean time, we are achieving  good results. Performance has improved with frequent raids and inspections by Enforcement Taskforce teams on Mandal level godowns, Rations Shops, said Commissioner for Civil Supplies Sri C.V. Anand. Illegal transportation of PDS rice is prevented and a fear is created in the defaulters to commit crime, said Commissioner.




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