Everything unwanted the only thing prevails the power in Indian Politics

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Everything unwanted the only thing prevails the power in Indian Politics


The Preamble of India…..
WE, THE PEOPLE OF INDIA, having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC and to secure to all its citizens:

JUSTICE, social, economic and political;
LIBERTY of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship;
EQUALITY of status and of opportunity; and to promote among them all
FRATERNITY assuring the dignity of the individual and the unity and integrity of the Nation;


By birth of this nation adopted Democracy and we are Sovereign, Socialist and Secular at first and before adoption of Democracy. For Sovereignty there is no dispute even though the first generation of this nation’s leadership took some decisions by oversight, could be, such as J&K State, North Eastern States of India, hence, terrorism, insurgency, armed rebellions happening in these States for the last 69 years of Independence.

While going through the freedom struggle and the after activities, the midnight freedom has made us to become two nations with the great support of the then Britishers and the then political leadership of India and those leadership, who want the other nation to happen.

Today generation are questioning that, the movement the Britishers left India and India has become Sovereign Republic, what stopped the then political leadership of Sovereign India to take steps to adopt a resolution to bring J&K along with today’s Azad Kashmir into the fold of Bharat. Why this has happened, unlike other Princely States which merged in the Indian Union.We the people of India due to the unfortunate decisions of the then political leadership and the ill thought activities make a road to appeasement of some sections of the society for their benefit ie. to rule this nation long and long and generations together.

Sovereign India has become Socialist India, Secular India before a Democratic India by the 42ndamendment to the Constitution of India, since, the then political leadership have absolute majority along with the likeminded political parties.

As per the Indian Constitution and after adoption of amendments, the meaning of Socialist, Secular and Democracy as under, this is the extract from the Preamble of Indian Constitution…..


The term socialist here means democratic socialism i.e. achievement of socialistic goals through democratic, evolutionary and non-violent means.Socialist state basically means that wealth is generated socially and should be shared equally by society through distributive justice.It shall not be concentrated in the hands of few. Government should regulate the ownership of land and industry to reduce socio-economic inequalities.


Secular means the relationship within between the government and the people which is determined according to constitution and law. There is no difference of religion i.e. all religion are equally respected and moreover there is no state religion. All the citizens of India are allowed to profess, practise and propagate any religion. Explaining the meaning of secularism as adopted by India, Alexander Owics has written, “Secularism is a part of the basic of the Indian Constitution and it means equal freedom and respect for all religions.


The people of India elect their governments at l) by a system of universal adult franchise; popularly known as “one man one vote”. Every citizen of India, 18 years of age and above and not otherwise debarred by law, is entitled to vote.The word ‘democratic’ not only refers to political but also to social & economic democracy.
Here, a common man’s wonder is that how and why only some of the religions have given minority status, even though they are the decisive factor in about 150 Parliamentary Constituencies out of 542 constituencies in this nation. And also questioning the present day leadership if this is the case, why 42nd Amendment was passed by the Parliament but not by the people of this nation. Some may feel amendment was taken by the people representatives in Parliament, then why this writer is taking the name of people in different fashion. As thethen political leadership was representing only 26% out of the 45 to 50 crore strong population as per mandate given to them at that time.

The above is the factor to discuss among the circles of educated, intellectual people of this nation the actions and performances by the present day political parties. The birth of the political parties and the representation by them in some sections of the people of this society, do these parties may support, help and overall growth of the whole people of this society, be discussed at large.

Coming to the present day political system by taking a case study, the rise and fall of the ruling parties and the socio, economic and political growth of the people and political parties psychological thinking from the birth to their closure and the intention of the political parties to serve the people and their goal to rule the nation/states of India and how & why they are being dethrone by the people after ruling for some time, be analyzed for the sake of future generations of this nation.

As on May 2017 there are about 7 National level political parties and at state level about 50 political parties registered and recognized by the Election Commission of India and about 40 local political parties unrecognized by the Election Commission of India prevailing in India.

The man or some group of people who would like to start a political party will always give their views to the people of their particular regions/states concerned that to serve the people (they say people are not less than God) more rigorously and for not opting for any personal benefit out of the same. Say I/we have earned much more and only thing keeping in mind that I/we need to serve people have come out and need a platform for which political party has been founded and they call people, for blessings of the concerned area.

People always feel that, new may do something good to the society and the people hence give a chance for them to prove. Immediately after assuming power these people, in earlier days start to show people some of the benefits to suppress the feelings of the people of that concerned area. For example, free power to the farmers, free food to the poorest of the poor, free civil supplies to the people, etc. whatever be the programme they may resort to name the programme on the name of the person who started that political party or on the name of the political guru of that political party to keep the name of that political party alive but not anything out of the same.

Every politician say enough that he came to serve people, I have enough financial earnings and have no other intention but to serve the people as I need to have a platform since I have choose to float a political party and request all to bless me to serve you all. For example, in Andhra Pradesh, NTR started a Political Party for the social justice of the backward classes of the society, do the backward classes of the society were given authority to rule the State? Or On the name of backward classes of the society, the forward class only ruled the state or ruling the state be known to the society. As is some other Cine Hero, a Mega Star, founded a political party saying that he belongs to a down class caste will serve the people effectively with the blessings of BC, SC, ST and the minorities of the society. He fought election in the guise of serving people from downtrodden of the society and lost election

utterly then he merged his party (the party was founded along with many likeminded personalities but not given any chance to those people to discuss the merger) with a National Party along with elected representatives from his party without taking consent or without taking into account the voice of the people who supported won at least some of the seats and in reply to his act he was given berth in Central Cabinet, satisfied with that he even not gone to the people but enjoyed his Ministry till that political party lost election in 2014.

What happened to the serving people, service motto, where is his voter Gods from SC/ST, OBC, BC and Minorities. Everything unwanted only thing prevails the power, which he enjoyed and left for his acting to make people mad goats.

Another person raised from the power corridors, a son of a Chief Minister who is popular among people of the state. First term as CM he gave people much. He lookedafter the reformations not only in downtrodden people of the society but the poorest of the forward classes also, who lost his life while serving people. This is what people mostly knows about him. He belong to forward class of the society and converted to a minority (as per Secular word in the Constitution of India no majority and no minority prevails) religion, more specifically made people from SC/ST, BC communities who converted to the same religion this leader converted along with non-converted from his own community as well as some forward class people who are interested in that National level party have voted him to power. The second term, people say, the star actor who founded the party and helped him to get mandate but unfortunately he lost his life due to his own mistakes as people being expressed.

So the son of the above Ex-CM on the guise of serving people had founded a political party with that he want to become CM of the State directly without even becoming a panchayat President. Then how people are believing this person, since, he belong to the strongest social caste of the State, a convert, so that the platform of the political party will help support the vested interest to convert in lakhs and crores of people of the State to make AP into God’s State. Majority of the people of the State, the other minority religion ( no minority as per Constitution ) need a platform to put forth their evil designs of influencing people to form their own Organised organization for supporting terror moles in India but not to develop their community.

He raised the sentiment of his father’s death and making people mad goats. How his father got the property of 2000 acres of land in the border of Karnataka, how this young leader got property to construct a huge house in Bangalore, how this young politician got much of the property to run a newspaper as well as so much of properties in and around the AP, nobody has got idea. In spite of ED confiscating of

around 45000 crore worth properties, which shows the corrupt practice of the person who would like to become CM of the State, people are accepting his leadership, why and how? Is this serving the people or to save his own properties and the laksh of crores of properties of his kith and kin? Only time can decide.

In view of the above facts and details, the Election Commission of India shall be requested to deal with such type of cases, person in ruthless manner and not to allow them to participate in the elections forever. If a person come forward to found a party shall have to be subjected litmus test ie. he/she needs to serve in a political party for atleast 5 years at down the level and shall have minimum understanding level of Indian culture and heritage. Also a person irrespective of his affiliation to any political party need to serve the downtrodden of the society for at least 2 years before his entering political arena.

Ours is a Democratic Country, as such by Constitutional amendment ‘the word Democracy’ be brought after Sovereign in the Preamble and the meaning of Secular may need more clarity so that the real spirit of the Secularity ie. ‘Equal in all aspects’ be brought out in the society. As such there could be no more appeasement or partiality among the citizen of India. Every one of the Indian society shall have their own rights and liberty and will act accordingly or as per Constitutional right.

The Constitute Assembly has brought out the Constitution of India and the representatives of the people of India adopted the same with great enthusiasm that their lives become so happy after formation of our own country. Preamble of the Constitution of India was prepared with an idea about the Constitution of India and the total gist of our Constitution.

A person/Persons belong to a political party which saying responsible for freedom of India shall have to take responsibility for dividing the nation into 2 and the J&K problem till date. Instead the same party was given mandate without taking the above aspects into consideration. As far as the AP is concerned, the political leaders coming to form political parties without even knowing how to serve the people of the society, equally and virtually. The irresponsibility of the society not teaching such type of people the fitting lessons, hence, being given birth to many such personalities for keeping up their personal ambitions in the guise of serving the people.

As such the President of India, Government of India, intellectuals from different areas of the society, the sociologists along with the Constitutional experts in consultation with the Election Commission of India shall have to look into the facts and details of the persons/personalities who are entering into the political arena shall be thoroughly be tested positive to the society then only be allowed to participate in the elections. Then only the real meaning of Sovereign, Democratic, Socialist, Secular State prevails.

P V KUMAR, 9490419652


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