Farmers Having Assigned Lands Should Also Be Given Pattadar Passbooks

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Farmers Having Assigned Lands Should Also Be Given Pattadar Passbooks

Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao has instructed the officials concerned that farmers having assigned lands should also be given Pattadar Passbooks without fail as is done with other farmers. He has instructed that lands under the possession of the beneficiaries should be identified and clarity should be given on the ownership rights. The Passbooks should be made on the names of the owners. Every entry in the Passbooks should be scrutinized thoroughly and there shall not be any mistake or error what so ever it may be in the entries. While doing so, there should not be any undue haste. If a farmer having land in the village is also owner of non-agriculture land, those details also should be made as an entry into the Passbooks and an additional column should be provided for this purpose. Aadhar Card shall be linked to the Passbooks and this is a must. In the anxiety to complete the work of pass books for distribution on March 11, 2018 there should not be any mistakes in the Passbooks. The CM said there is no objection even if there is some delay in printing the Passbooks for the Assignees and examining the entries in the Passbooks, thoroughly and in detail. CM said that there are some people who are not coming forward to link their Aadhar Cards to the Passbooks. They have to link Adhar with their passbooks, failing which their lands would be identified as Benami.

The CM held a review meeting at Pragati Bhavan on Friday on the proposed distribution of the Pattadar Passbooks. Chief Secretary Sri SK Joshi, Advisor Sri Anurag Sharma, Spl. Chief Secretary Sri Rajeshwar Tiwari, Principal Secretary Sri S Narsing Rao, , Land records Purification programmes Mission Director Ms Vakati Karuna, CM Secretary Ms Smita Sabharwal participated.

“Land records updation and purification programme is implemented in the state which is not done anywhere in the country. The Revenue Machinery toiled day and night and successfully completed the programme despite the fact that it had several multi-knots. My special thanks are to them. The information gathered after the programme is being put on the online website Dharani and this programme is going on. We have decided to issue new Pattadar Passbooks based on this data. The government should collect information on data not only about the farmers cultivating their own land but also farmers cultivating on the assigned lands. The Assignee farmers should also get the new passbooks. This would take some time and yet there is no problem. Talk to the District Collectors and get the required and accurate information.  Clarity should be given on the rights of ownership of the assignee farmers. Examine the entries in the Passbook once or twice and ensure that there are no mistakes or errors. There is chance of mistakes if the entries are done in a hurry. It is a fact that March 11 is fixed as the day of distribution of the Passbooks in the State. However, it will take some time and a bit delay in getting the information of Assignee farmers and non-agriculture lands owned by farmers etc., Distribution of Passbooks programme will be taken up after the proper preparation of the Passbooks and after completion of entire process duly done without any mistake” the CM clarified.

“It is decided to link Aadhar Card to maintain land records properly. But some people in Medchel and Rangareddy and some other districts have not linked their Aadhar Cards with the records. Such people should give their Aadhar details to the officials at the earliest. Lands of those who have not liked their Adhar will have to be treated as Benami lands,” the CM cautioned.

Drinking water to every village by March end: CM

The CM instructed drinking water to all the villages to be supplied by March 31. While laying the pipelines to the villages, parallelly internal pipe network in the villages should also be taken up. MLAs should take interest and initiative in getting the internal drinking water pipelines completed and taps are fixed in every house.

The CM held a review meeting at Pragati Bhavan on supplying drinking water to all the villages inside ORR by March end under Mission Bhagiratha. Mission Bhagiratha Vice Chairman Sri Vemula Prashanth Reddy, Chief Secretary Sri SK Joshi, Principal Secretary Sri S Narsing Rao, CM Secretary Ms Smita Sabharwal, Mission Bhagiratha officials, representatives of the working agencies participated.


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