Ganja Seized At Boys Hostel In Suryapet

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Suryapet – Telangana : Today  a rare scenario prevailed at Gayatri college hostel, were for the first time ganja was secretly hidden in boy’s hostel, when this information was passed, the police seized 60 kgs ganja packed in 12 cotton bags in Gayatri intermediate college hostel in Suryapet. According to the available sources Police officials became cautious and raided the hostel.Students uttered that after the completion of study hours we returned back to our rooms to sleep there we found these bags beneath our bed. When we enquired our hostel warden he said they are our exam question papers.Foul smell emerged in our room, we were very enthusiast to open the box then we were literally shocked seeing Ganja.We informed SFI. They made a protest against the college management and demanded to ban this college.After that police lodged a complaint on Hostel warden Nagaiah now he is absconding after the truth prevailed. Police are suspecting that are students adictted  to drugs or else is there anyone who is secretly exporting these illegal trade. Students are saying that four unidentified persons entered the college premises and hidden those bags in our rooms as nobody can trace them our hostel warden may be the mastermind behind this activity. Police also seized an auto which is used for transportation.and now investigation process is carried out.


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