GHMC Has Taken Up The Task Of Improving 30 Junctions

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GHMC Has Taken Up The Task Of Improving 30 Junctions

 The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation has taken up the Urban Junction Improvement Plan in which a total of 100 junctions are to be developed. The engineering wing of Traffic & Transportation, GHMC has taken up the task of improving 30 junctions in Phase-I. The project is intended to improve the movement of traffic at various junctions so that

  • the journey time is reduced,
  • Facilitating free left movements
  • Widening the road at U-turns
  • Providing signages, road markings, reflectors, studs and other road safety measures to reduce accidents.

The work at 20 junctions has commenced and is in various stages of progress. Six junction improvement works shall be expected to be completed by March’18, six junction improvement works shall be completed by April’18 & eight junction improvement works shall be completed by May’18.

Further, another 30 junctions are proposed for junction improvement under UJIP Phase-II for which, the traffic studies and topographic surveys are in progress. 

However, the pace at which the work is going on due to some of the following reasons.

  1. Encroachments are a real cause of concern at most of the junctions. Letters have been addressed to the CCP, GHMC citing the same.
  2. Objections from the shop owners and hawkers at almost all junctions not to construct the footpath. The shops are objecting to it as they are utilising the footpath portion as a parking space for their customers.
  3. At certain junctions, HMWS&SB works and storm water drain works are going on which has reduced the workable site area. 
  4.  At some junctions, underground cables are encountered during the progress of work.                                            



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