GHMC LED lights and the project is likely to be completed very soon

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GHMC LED lights and the project is likely to be completed very soon

The GHMC is having around 4.03 lakhs of street lights in the entire GHMC limits and the GHMC has taken up for replacing the existing street lights with LED lights and the project is likely to be completed very soon. So far GHMC has replaced LED lights around 4 lakhs this project has been started in the month of July 2017.

The GHMC has taken up the replacement of street lights with LED lights in parks, sports complexes, grave yards and almost all the works are likely to be completed very soon. With the replacement of LED lights the GHMC is saving around 162.15 million units with which the GHMC is saving an amount of Rs. 115.13 crores towards electricity bills. With this per year 1,29,719 tons of carbon dioxide is also being reduced. The GHMC is the only Municipal Corporation in the Country.

This innovative idea has been taken up with the directions of the Hon’ble Minister for MA&UD Sri K.T. Rama Rao where the city is having a very bright look at the night time and even accidents have also come down with this type of lighting.

 This project is in coordination with Energy Efficiency Services Limited which is affiliated to Government of India. The GHMC is not releasing any separate fund to this led lights replacing paying money from the savings every year without any extra burden on GHMC.

So far the GHMC has replaced 4,00.22 LED lights with displayed LED one lights are of 18  35, 17, 110, 190 watts capacity which give more brightness, when compare to that of New Delhi Mpl. Corporation they have provided 2 lakhs and Vizag Mpl. Corporation with one lakhs in span of one year whereas GHMC has taken up in very short span and  created an history.

LED project details

Total project 217.12 crores

Through LED lighting 55% power will be reduced.

This project is for 7 years with EESL

GHMC is not spending the money on this project

Out of 24,962 of switch in which 15,363 automatic switches have been provided remaining will also be completed very shortly and this on off will be taken up care with a special system of sunrise and sunset.

98% lights will function without any problems and on off automatic switches have also been provided.




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