Ghmc Officials Succeeded in Tunneling Of Pipe Drain at Nawab Saheb Kunta

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Ghmc Officials Succeded in Tunnelling Of Pipe Drain at Nawab Saheb Kunta

The existing drainage system of Hyderabad has been designed to capacitate a rainfall of 20 mm/hr though the city receives frequent rainfall of 60mm/hr owing to the Global Warming effect, leaving the drains incompetent. This incompetence has led to a recurrent flooding of the city over the past couple of decades.

To address this issue a comprehensive study regarding SWD Master Plan for MCH core area was conducted by M/s Kirloskar Consultants post the August 2000 floods. As an extension to this study, Voyants Consultants conducted studies on the enveloping areas of Hyderabad which were earlier not covered by Kirloskar Consultants. Subsequent to the 2016 floods, a set of survey teams were formed comprising of the GHMC Engineering, Town Planning and Revenue Officials, who identified 12153 structures within the nala construction width as per Voyants designs.

Addressing the entire problem in one go is a herculean task therefore a Drone survey was conducted and 47 Critical Bottlenecks of 16.6Km stretches have been identified and recommended to be initiated immediately to provide relief to the flooded areas.

The Government of Telangana has accorded an Administrative Sanction vide G.O.Rt.No:415, MA & UD (F2) Department, Dt:20.07.2017 for the 47 Bottleneck stretch works for an amount of Rs.230.00Crores on a priority basis to avoid further inundation.

Among the 47 Critical Bottleneck Stretches, one of the remarkable achievement was the

“Tunneling of pipe drain at Nawab sahab kunta”.

The tunneling of the pipe drain at Nawab sahab kunta was completed  in the month of May’ 2018, with zero disruption to the existing 2 properties of Mohd Imamuddin of H.No 19-4-273/A/6 and Kubra Begum of H.No 19-4-279/A/7. To assure the above-mentioned habitants, GHMC had prepared advance cheques valuing Rs 50.10 lakhs for their properties. The cheques were intended to compensate for any damage done to the properties during the tunneling work but GHMC has successfully completed the SWD work adopting this tunneling technology without causing any damage to the existing structures.

Areas relieved: Nawab sahab kunta tomb area, SanjayGandhi nagar

Achievement: Post completion of this tunneling work, the area had experienced a couple of moderate rains. The drain water is discharged to the downstream through a 1800mm dia RCC NP4 Pipe Line with zero flooding at the Nawab Sahab Kunta area.


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