GHMC Sencor Center and National Park for Special Needs

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at Nalgonda X Road, Malakpet, Hyderabad

 An area of 1.03 acres (4205 sqm) is handed over to Disabled welfare association as compensation for the area utilized by the GHMC for construction of FLYOVER at Nalgonda X road, Malakpet .

  • Unveiling of statue of Sir. Louis Braille was done on 04th January 2011 by Hon’ble Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh.
  • It is designed and developed in Barrier free environment with Physiotherapy facility, Medicinal plants and other recreational material in International standards as this is the First ever park in India with Barrier free environment for Persons with Disabilities.

1)      Amphitheatre

2)      Therapy block

3)      2m wide wheel chair/pedestrian pathways

4)      Sensory theatre (Event center)

5)      Public toilets

6)      Grand Entrance

7)      Lawns

8)      Counseling center




The target group is composed of five major categories:

(a) Wheelchair users

(b) People with limited walking abilities

(c) The sightless

(d) The partially sightless

(e) The hearing impaired

  • Other categories that may benefit to some extent from the proposed measures include the mentally disabled, people susceptible to physical fits, people with extreme physical proportions, and people with functional disabilities of the arm or hand.
  • The park is divided into two zones:

1) Recreation Zone

2) Therapy Zone

  • Recreation Zone includes Park/Lawns, Amphi theatre  and Play equipments.
  • Therapy zone could include Physiotherapy, Art and Music therapies and others like counseling center .
  • The expenditure incurred on different works is mentioned below.
  • Admin Block, Amphi theatre, Toilet Block etc,,   34.20 Lakhs
  • Children Park, Lawns, Nursery, Paving,   38.40 Lakhs

Curb wall etc,,

  • Therapy Block 37.50 Lakhs
  • Sensory Block 17.00 Lakhs
  • LED Lighting 10.00 Lakhs
  • . 40.00 Lakhs

                   Total                                                          Rs. 177.1 Lakhs


  • The standing committee unanimously accorded sanction for an amount of Rs. 66.20 Lakhs towards procurement of the equipment required to establish and maintenance of sensory blocks in the existing buildings at barrier free park at Malakpet Louis Braille Flyover through selected


  • An amount of Rs. 38.00 lakhs is sanctioned towards procurement of the equipment for Hearing Impaired Sensory Block 2. Mentally Retarded Sensory Block 3. Visually Impaired Sensory Block 4. Ortho-Sensory Block 5. Administrative Block by GHMC through e procurement platform .


  • An amount of Rs. 28.20 Lakhs per annum is fixed out of which 75% shall be borne by GHMC and 25%  through NGO  on E O I basis.                                               

Monitoring Committee

  • The recurring expenditure will be sanctioned every month based on the performance report approved by the  monitoring committee  constituted  with the following members
  1. Hon’ble MLA
  2. Zonal Commissioner, South Zone
  3. Additional Commissioner, UCD, GHMC
  4. Director, Disabled Welfare and Vikalangula Corporation
  5. Deputy Commissioner, Circle-4A
  6. Three members from FED
  7. Vijaya Bhaskar
  8. ANF
  9. A designated delegate from the NIMH/NIPH


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