Havoc In The Parliament For Special Status Of Andhra Pradesh

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Simultaneously for the third day the Congress party leaders are protesting outside the parliament demanding for a Special Status for Andhra Pradesh. They further commented that unlike other our party from the beginning it is a people’s party and we will stand on one word and we will fight against any ruling party till our last breath to achieve Special Status. Congress leaders are  protesting in both Rajya Sabha as well as Lok Sabha to secure AP rights. After the entry of Congress party youth leader Rahul Gandhi  a spark emerged among the party leaders and they said we have got instant enery and boost up which will keep us focussed on ur mission to attain AP rights.

TDP and BJP partys are potraying cheap quality gimmicks to betray public trust and encashing it into party benefits.They never bothered about public welfare activities, before elections they give false statements to lure innocent public faith to win the elections.The TDP MPs are playing a great skit  to win public attention . Congress partymen raised slogans – We want justice in Delhi streets with an initiative (Atma Gauruvam) soul-respect.

There is a wild speculation among diferent political partys wat will be Naidu’s stratagies  for getting special status category for Andhra Pradesh. Majority of the TDP MLA’s wanted to quit party and perform actively in public welfare activities  in Amaravathi. .3 questions are prevailing in CM Naidu’s mind wich is full of repurcurssions  1. Whether to quit with BJP party permanently or else come with humble appeal to  convince the Central Government to sanction Special Status for AP . 2.Analysis will the BJP to maintain friendly relationship with TDP after the provision of Special Status for AP.  3. Will the BJP Government allot funds to important projects These 3 questions are creating lot of turmoil for CM Naidu. What will the status of AP state if BJP party does not fulfill its promise and does injustice for Andhra Pradesh.

In the Parliament all party leaders protested displaying placards ’’ We want Justice “  and approached the speakers podium, with this menace lot of chaos prevailed which disturbed the regular budget sessions. TDP and YSR Congress demanded for special status protest were as Trinamool Congress, Shiva Sena, Aam Aadmi Party  raised Nirav Modi scam scandal. All this lead to negative impact upon the NDA Government.Various political parties are demanding for AP rights, even youth organisations are also coming forward to protest for Special Status of AP. Tight Police security is provided to prevent major clashes in different political partys and violence will not be ruptured. A crucial decision will emerge out in the afternoon.

There is a rumour that some TDP leaders may not be loyal with BJP. They will work against them if conditions are favourable.Naidu will take a key decision for Special Status of AP. Situation is very drastic in Delhi. AP Politics topic is heating the rooftop of parliament.Bifurcation of state is a heavy loss of Andhra people.Various politica parties  accuse that some staff in Lok Sabha TV and Rajya Sabha show bias.After the controversial remarks uttered by BJP National Secretary T.Raja to demolish statues of Lenin and Periyar all political parties are frustrated and showing hatred with BJP Government .Let us wait and watch what will be its impact?





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