Health Benefits Of Chilling Out with Beer

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Beers sale is skyrocketing in bars and pubs during the summer season. It is an enjoyable  refreshing beverage consumed by today’s youth. It is regarded as one of the favourite demanding beverage liked by middle age men. Beer is recommended by specialists globally for its rich nutrient content that will help to over cum various medical problems.

Let us encounter some of it’s benefits

  • Beer increases HDL (good) cholesterol level– A glass of beer every day will increase HDL cholesterol levels. The amount of good cholesterol increased during beer consumption is associated with a lower risk of coronary heart disease.
  • Cuts the risk of type 2 diabetes – Drinking a peg of beer each day can reduce the type2 diabete. A moderate intake of beer combined with exercise and a mediterranean diet containing fish, vegetables, fruits ,olive oil can help to combat type 2 diabetes.
  • Protects from stomach ulcers – Those who consume beer in appropriate ratio have a degree of protection against Helicobacter pylori bacteria known to be the cause for stomach ulcers and reduces the risk of gastric cancer. Drinking beer facilitates eradication of this organism due to anti-bacterial effect.
  • Good source of fiber – Beer provides the body with soluble fiber. A litre of beer contains an average of 20% of the recommended daily requirements of fiber by the body. They can be quite tough to digest but it stimulates the intestinal peristalsis, bowel movement and digestion.
  • Contains valuable vitamins and minerals – Beer contains all the vitamins of B complex. Vitamins control various physiological metabolic processes in the body. It is a rich source of minerals particularly magnesium ,potassium that regulates electrolyte balance and ensures distress- free cellular functionally.
  • Lowers the risk of Heart Strokes – Beers are racing ahead of red wines .It helps to avoid heart attack. The secret lies in the presence of high levels of vitamin B6 . It makes the blood less sticky and therefore less likely to clot. Consuming three quarters of beer is considered as a good heart protector.
  • Helps body rehydrate – The carbonisation in beer helps to quench the thirst and it’s carbohydrate content can help replace the lost calories.Cardiologists recommend barley drinks to professional sportsmen after exhausting activities.
  • Good for Brain Health – A huge jug of beer prevents Alzheimer and other brain related Beer guards the cells in the brain from oxidative damage.
  • Better Bone Strength – With a presence of high silicon content, beer may help to build better bones.It helps to reduce the risk of bone thinning disease osteoporosis.
  • Good For Kidneys – Drinking beer in moderate quantity can reduce the risk of kidney stones.It slows down the risk of calcium from bones. It has a high water content which pushes toxins from kidneys.Beer has a low caloric value than any other alcoholic drinks. Little quantity of small dosage of beer will keep you active and refreshed.


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