Hero Ajay Devgan ‘Raid’ Film Review

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This is one of much hyped film which has zero expectations. Action Hero Ajay Devgan is performing the character of (Amay Patnaik) a honest fearless Income Tax Department Officer who conducts a nonstop raid on corrupt and powerful politician Saurabh Shukhla(Rameshwar alias Tauji)

Would he be able to conduct raid successfully and trace out black money or else he will bow his head down to the politicians clout will be the crux of the story.As far as Ileana D’Cruz is concerned she is playing a supporting homemaker role(Nita Patnaik) all her hopes went in vain as her role is limited and has no scope to expand her potential.

According to the grapevine the masses have to predict wat will happen in the climax , the trailer  wasn’t so impressive nor catchy to lure and attract the audience to the theatres.However this movie is realistic and didn’t turn out be an average film with least expectations from the critics. This is directed by noted director Raj Kumar Gupta who has earlier made “No One Killed Jessica” film .This crime thriller film is written by  Ritesh Shah. Though the music is scored by Amit Trivedi  the songs were not able  to capture listeners taste  neither they have became chartbusters Devgan is well versed in potraying the role of strict police officer in Singham,Gangajal but Raid declines in comparison.It is a mixture  of crisp and entertainment imbibed with power packed performances.The film rating is 2.5.




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