Huge Fire Mishap At Jeedimetla Hyderabad

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Jeedlimeta Hyderabad -A huge fire mishap took place at VijayaSri Chemical company at Jeedlimetla.This incident occurred at Subhash Nagar at 5.30 am. Nearly 20 labourers were working in the chemical factory during this fire blast .Many labourers sustained severe burns and 2 of them were  severely injured and admitted in a near-by hospital for diagnosis. Fire men rushed to the spot immediately and poured water to put off fire to protect their lives.Resue operations were implemented by the fire department officials,They also used foams to bring the fire under control and cool the temperature. For 1 and half hour fire engines are used to prevent rapid fire spreading to other localities.Till now fumes are still  igniting inside the factory.The reason behind this fire eruption might be due to blast of harmful chemicals present in the factory Grignard and isothermic reactions, it bursted out the drums .Due to this pungent smell emerged out .Public residing near this factory premises are scared to death seeing this horrible scenario. They demanded a stringent action should be taken against this chemical company management.Medical treatment should be provided to the victims who has fallen as prey to fire accident.It is assumed that a spark might emerged from the factory that led to destruction.Plenty of chemical companies will be affected due to this rapid fire and inhalation of these dangerous vapours lead to respiratory problems in humans.Public became furious and started raising slogans protest against the negligence of chemical factory management  .In Balanagar many chemical factories are there. Preventive measures should be lied down to safeguard the lives of labourers working in thse hardcore chemical factories.


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