Indian Homely Food is a bouquet of Health and Wealth – “Say No to Junk”

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Indian Homely Food is a bouquet of Health and Wealth 

“Say No to Junk”


Nowadays the children are obsessed about over consumption of junk food , which has become a big obstacle for the nation to tackle.  It is the responsibility of the teachers and the parents to guide them about the health hazards they will face  in the mere future. Though the junk food looks attractive,yummy and readily available at every street corner is not at all good to health,  they have no essential nutrients which are required  for body metabolism.

Junk Food – High calories of food that look mouth- watering ,tempting, to taste are known as junk food Hamburger, pizza, fried chicken, frenh fries, fryms, goldfingers, potato hips,  cookies, candies, icecreams, pizza, noodles, chat,  panipuri,  sandwitches  fall under this category. A huge plate of  hot burger with cheese oozing out along with it  French fries served with aerated drink looks tempting but consuming it will lead to fatigue as it does not possess any nutritional value  which is required for body metabolism.

Junk food is the most favourite easily available food for kids. They are fond of snacks very much and reject the healthier food prepared at home. All the salted snack food items, gums, candy, deserts, sweetened carbonated beverages have less nutritional value Excessive intake of these foods leads to excess fat, simple carbohydrates processed  sugars are the major factors  that lead to obesity, cardio vascular diseases .

Youngsters are addicted  to junk food and avoid eating diet food which is very healthy .Parents should make their children get habituated of eating  food rich in vitamins,  minerals, proteins .These are available plentiful in reals,sprouts,porridge,salads,vegetables,green leaves, milk, wheat and prevent them from getting accumulated to malnutrition. Junk food has hoisted the flag  ruling the entire nation  by spreading  chronic health problems.

Junk food  has zero nutritional value. It contains  insufficient  vitamins, minerals , calcium and amino acids. Vigorous eating of junk food clogs the arterial walls of heart and results in sudden strokes, apart from it they will be affected with premenstrual syndrome, arthritis, cancer and obesity. Kids become crazy to relish  Yummy cool cakes, cookies, lollipops, bubblegums, candy and soft drinks which are very attractive but will lead to orthodontics problems. Mayonnaise cheese  topped on the pizza has high levels of dairy fat. Burgers occupy primary slot as worst junk food offering 500 calories.  Deep fried snacks like pakodi,  bajji, punugulu,  samosa, chips, kababs  will obstruct blood flow reaching veins  and leads to hypertensions and heart diseases.

Kick start your day with a planned healthy diet to attain vitality and vigour. Jelly’s, toffies , peppermint and packed with heavy dosage of sucrose fructose which increases sugar levels in blood.

Harmful  Effects of Junk food –  1. Carbonated drinks  – Soft drinks like coco-cola, pepsi, Fanta , thumsup , sprite and mountain dew contain high levels of caffeine which affects the heart. The acidity caused by CO2 is released directly into the body. This affects the development of bones.

Noodles – It has high quantities of carbohydrate, sodium and lacks essential proteins, vitamins, fibres and minerals. In the instant noodles certain chemicals are discharged which saturate the noodles  when hot water is added to it. Propylene glycol and MSG (Monosuda Glutamate) has negative effects on heart leading to hypertension. It also weakens the immune system.

Apart from them a whole bowl of popcorn is a healthy snack with low calorie, high fiber content without the inclusion of cheese, butter, oil and salts. Dark chocolate has rich source of flavonoids it enables blood flow, improves circulatory system and stabilises blood and cholesterol levels in body. Therefore it is recommended daily to consume fresh fruits, vegetables, salads which will keep the body fit and healthy forever.

Many fitness centres are offering weight reduction sessions and generating lot of income from the obese persons. Aerobics, Yoga, cycling, skating, jogging, skipping swimming  and learning dance forms like Zumba, salsa will give lot of relaxation to rejuvenate into a new world and fight against the health hazards. The dimension development of a country lies in the hand of mothers and teachers to guide and control the children eating habits from becoming obese patients.


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