Kamal’s New Avtaar As A Politician…. Tamilnadu New Era

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Once Again Tamilnadu Politics are struck in a turmoil with the emergence of Rocking Hero’s in Kollywood. This is not the first time celebrities are entering the Tamil Politics. Already senior legends like MGR, Jayalalitha, Vijaykanth and Sharath Kumar have proved their caliber but this time there is a twist as Two Senior Most buddies Basha Rajnikanth and Lokanayakudu Kamal Hassan are colliding with Each other through their launch of new Political party in TamilNadu State. A special Report about Kamal  strategies in politics. 

Kamal Hasan is a leading iconic actor of Tamil film industry. His best friend, philosopher and guide Rajnikanth is also getting ready to step his foot in politics. Kamal is an extraordinary gifted hero who can portray distinct challenging roles that is why he is called “Lokanayakudu” Both these talented actors were mentored by creative director – Balakrishnan. There is a lot of speculation regarding their powerful impact of their entry in politics.? Will they still remain as buddies or any conflict will arise between both of them. Rajani is cherished by masses for his different mannerisms, gestures, powerful punch dialogues and style. Both of them are top rated Tamil superstars with a lot of stardom who have carved a niche for themselves and resided in millions of hearts for their performance.

After the sudden demise of former CM Jayalalitha, there was no proper leader to rule Chennai and fiill the empty vacuum.This is not the first time celebrities joining tamil politics.MGR,Vijaykanth are established cinepoliticians. This time Kamal Haasan is going to launch his new political party,he also spoke with CM’S of Kerala and Andhra Pradesh.Apart from it he will follow the suggestions of Anti-Corruption Bureau and prepare the party’s agenda. .Stalin criticized that Kamal’s party  has no mere future it is a paper flower,Kamal reverted back and quoted that my new party is a huge seed it will soon grow into a gigantic tree and the public will enjoy its fruit, he also uttered that I do not want any supremacy ,I want to work hard and render my services to the public and bring a revolutionary change in politics.Kamal haasan is a ardent follower of Mahatma Gandhi and drew a lot of inspiration from scientist President APJ Abdul Kalam. He also paid tributes to both great patriotic leaders before his on-set of journey.Today Kamal will start a rally from Rameshwaram and reach Madurai. He intereacted with the family members of Kalam. There is a lot of rumour circulating who is going to be his mentor in politics.Flexi’s and banners were tied on the road,moreover kamal’s ardent admirers will also join the rally and give him moral support.Kamal says that after his grand party as politician he will start an app so that he can be in costant touch with his fans.He also vibed well with intellectuals of different subject experts to consider their views on different issues.After his appearance on small screen BIGBOSS Tamil made him more popular and gave him a huge platform and brought him nearer to masses.The entire nation is looking forward to knew Kamal’s political party agenda, policies and objectives. 



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