Kidnapping Gang Of Six Persons Apprehended By Rachakond Police

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The sleuths of SOT, Rachakonda on credible information apprehendedsix persons for kidnapping the Director of Pallavi Model School, Boduppal, under the limits of Medipally PS. The Police seized one pistol with 6 live rounds, Cars-3, one gold chain, Pass Portand (6) mobile phones from their possession.

As per Ch. R. Uma Maheshwara Sharma,  Deputy Commissioner of Police, Malkajgiri Statement…..

Gaddi Sadanand @ Nandumasterminded the kidnapping plan for ransom. He is native of Kistampally, Kamanpur (V & M), Peddapally district and Challagoni Santhosh is a native ofRamagiri (m), Peddapally Dist. Both of them are childhood friends and they are into real estate business. Gaddi Sadanand @ Nandu at present is running consultancy business at Habsiguda by name GRAF Technology. As he was running loss in his business he hatched a plan to Kidnap his distant relative by name Susheel who is presently director of the Pallavi Model School at Boduppal for ransom. As per his plan he contacted his friend Challagoni Santhosh and informed him about the kidnapping plan to demand one crore rupees from Susheel to release him. Both hatched a criminal conspiracy to kidnap him. Gaddi Sadanand informed his driver Rajukumar@ Sunny who is also cousin to Santhosh to call his close friends from Bellampally area who could execute the plan perfectly. Accordingly Rajukumar @ Sunny contacted his friends at Bellampally namely 1) Rahul, 2) Younis Khan 3) Kiran and 4) Naresh and called them to Sadanand residence at Habsiguda and all of them discussed and planned to kidnap Susheel. 

First they have taken a room for rent at RLN Colony, under the limits of Keesara for using it to keep the Susheel in that room. Secondly they have taken a Indica car on hire from one of his friend at Karimnagar for mode of transport after kidnapping. They have purchased monkey caps, baton light to use them at the time of kidnapping. 

Since September 2016, they are planning to kidnap Susheel. They have perfectly made recee of the school and the timing of the Susheel leaving the school. Accordingly they have decided to stop Susheel Car at internal road of Nacharam nearby Chilkanagar X Road at about 7. PM as it is isolated area. All seven of them planned to execute their kidnapping plan on 14th December, 2016.  According to their plan they have distributed their individual plan of action. As per their planNandu have sent Younis Khan to the school to inform the Santhosh whenever the Susheel starts from the school. Santhosh, Rahul, Kiran, Naresh four of them have to stop the Susheel car and Santhosh stopped the car showing baton posing as a police man. Next, after stopping the vehicle Santhosh went to Susheel and informed him that officer is calling him. Susheel got down the vehicle and went to the Indica Car and Kiran who was sitting in the car back seat told Susheel to get in to the vehicle and when Susheel objected Santhosh from back him pushed him in to the car and immediately Rahul who was in the driver seat started the vehicle and within minutes they left the place. Sadanand @ Nandu and Rajukumar @ Sunny watching the episode from a nearby distance. 

After Kidnapping Susheel they covered his face with monkey cap and manhandled him, threatening with dire consequences by keeping pistol on his forehead to kill him if he makes any nuisance. Susheel kept quiet and they took him to RLN Colony, Keesara and kept him in that roomby tying his hand and legs and confined him in the room. 

The kidnappers assaulted him and putting him under fear of killing him if he does not oblige to their demands. The kidnapping gang demanded 1 crore rupees from Susheel. As the period was demonetization time Susheel requested the kidnappers to give him some time for arranging the money. Kidnappers believed Susheel and warned him of serious consequences to eliminate him and his parents if he approaches the police. They also took his mobile phone, gold chain, gold ring, Tissot Watch, debit card, car keys and informed Susheel to pay them within week of time. In the mean time when Susheel father Raja Mouli approached police and lodged a complaint with Medipally Police about kidnapping of his son. As the news started scrolling in the electronic media, the kidnappers kept Susheel as hostage on 15th December and after Susheel promising them to arrange the money secretly without informing to his parents and police will sent the amount to them with in week of time. The kidnappers believed him and on 16th December early hours at about 4 AM two of them took him on bike and dropped him at Kolthur village, Shamirpet Mandal warning him of serious consequence.  

After he was released, Susheel opened the monkey cap and the walked to nearby village and catch hold of the bus and returned home. The kidnappers were calling Susheel with different mobile numbers for the amount and as Susheel was not responding to their calls, Nandu, Santhosh and others planned to commit theft of his car to punish him for not sending them the money. As per their plan Nandu, Santhosh and the same gang members on 31-01-2017 at about 02.00 hours committed theft of his Volkswagencar B.No. AP10 AW 0944 which was parked in front of his house by using the key which they took from Susheel on the day of Kidnapping. Later car theft case was registered at O.U. Police Station.

As per the instructions of Gang leader Nandu, Santhosh took the car strait to Bangalore by changing the number plate and by avoiding the toll gates he reached Bangalore and parked in Bangalore Airport. After two days Nandu went to Bangalore by flight met Santhosh and took the car from Santhosh and hidden in his wife Sireesha apartment at Bangalore.Whenever Nandu used to visit Bangalore he was using the stolen car at Bangalore by changing the number plate. Nandu warned Santhosh and others not to discuss the kidnapping/car theft case with anybody and paid them 1 lakh rupees towards the expenditure. 

As Santhosh pressurized Nandu for the amount for involving in kidnapping and as Nandu was not having money to give them. Nandu brought the stolen car from Bangalore and gave to Santhosh to sell it and distribute the amount equally to all the members. Since few months Santhosh was searching for the good customers to sell it for want of money. 

On receiving information about the offenders the Sleuthof SOT Malkajgiri Zone of Rachakonda Commissionerate and Medipally Police apprehended the accused personsin Ghatkesar ORR, who are moving in Volkswagen car by changing the number plate and Indica Car and stopped the two cars, found six persons and Sadanand @ Nandu escaped on knowing about the apprehension of his associates. On physically verifyingthe accused persons Santhosh has possessed one pistol with 6 live rounds which was given by Sadanand @ Nandu for keeping with him.All the 6 accused persons were taken into custody. 

On interrogation of Santhosh he voluntarily confessed that Sadanand @ Nandu is having a license to possesspistol and same was given to him. He also informed that Sadanand @ Nandu took 10 lakhs rupees of loan through Axis Bank on the name of Rajukumar @ Sunny by submitting all fake, forged and fabricated documents. Nandu wives Sireesha and Sapna also involved in the case as they are well aware of the kidnapping. It is also came to notice that Nandu wives have taken lakhs of rupees as personal loans by submitting fake documents as they are employees of GRAF Technology. The investigation is in progress the same will be verified.

Sadanand @ Nandu and his wife Sapna are running GRAF technology and creating fake pay slips and appointment orders as if he is an employee of his GRAF technology services and drawing the salary. By this way Nandu have cheated many banks by submitting fake documents. In order to cheat the public/police he is using his XUV vehicle secretly by changing the registration number.

As per the confessional statement of Santhosh the police proceeded to Sadanand @ Nandu house at Habsiguda, Hyderabad. Where his house was locked and found that one XUV car parked in the premises of house. On that the police physically verifying the XUV Car B.No. AP 29CD 0007 and found that one red light baton, Axe, Dual RCs of the XUV Car owner and Pass port of Sadanand and the same were seized at the instance of accused Santhosh. 

Details of accused persons:

  1. Challagoni Santhosh @ Santhu S/o Mallaiah age: 42 years, Occ: Business R/o Quarter No.ST-2-906, Centenary Colony, Ramagiri (m), Peddapally Dist. Ph.9948632976
  2. Algoti Rahul S/o Sriramulu age: 27 years, Occ: Marketing R/o Quarter No.103A, Station Road Colony Bellampally, Mancherial Dist. Ph.7386958615
  3. Yerukala Kiran S/o Buchaiah age: 26 years, Occ: Pvt.Job, R/o H.No.8-2-181,Vinova Nagar, Godhavarikhani, Peddapally dist. Ph 7416295155
  4. Eluri Naresh @ Narsi S/o Kommali age: 26 years, Occ: Security R/o H.No. 29-2-29, Gandhi Nagar, Bellampally, Mancherial dist. Ph 7032160129
  5. Md. Younis Khan S/o Mahaboob Khan age: 27 years Occ: Labour R/o H.No. 1-90, Ashok Nagar, Bellampally, Mancherial dist. Ph.9154314313.
  6. Kaveti Raju Kumar @ Sunny s/o Srinivas age: 26 years, Occ: Driver R/o H.No. 28-2-58, Gandhi Nagar, Bellampally dist. Ph 9032423888.
  7. Gaddi Sadanand @ Nandu S/o Laxmi Rajyam, age:38 years, Occ: Business – Software Consulting (GRAF) Technology caste: Munnur Kapu, R/o Falt No. 403, Lotus Apartments, Kakatiya Nagar, Habsiguda, Hyderabad. N/o Kistampally, Kamanpur (V & M), Peddapally dist. Ph 9000334547, 7893177794.(Absconding).

The Police seized the following items 

1) One .32 pistol with live 6 rounds from the possession of Santhosh

2) Susheel’s Gold Chain from the possession of Santhosh

3) Susheel’s Volkswagen Car B.No AP10 AW 0944 and gold chain from the possession of Santhosh.

4) Indica Car B.No. AP 15BG 4563 which was used as mode of transport for the kidnapping of Susheel.

5) XUV Car B.No. AP 29CD 0007 and one red light baton, Axe, Dual RCs of the XUV Car, Pass ports -2from the house of Sadanand @ Nandu

6) Seized six mobile phones of the accused persons. 

The absconding accused Sadanand @ Nadu was involved in a kidnapping case was arrested by Kamanpur PS of Peddapally district. He along with his wives are indulging in criminal activities by indulging in bank frauds for obtaining loans by submitting fake, forged and fabricated documents. Nandu and his wives Sapna and Sireesha are absconding.

The above raids were made under the direct supervision of Ch. R. Uma Maheshwara Sharma, DCP Malkajgiri Zone, Syed Rafeeq, Addl.DCP SOT by Naveen Kumar Inspector, Jaganath Redddy, Inspector Medipally, SIsMahesh, Satyanarayanaand staff of SOT Malkajgiri Zone, Rachakonda Commissionerate. 


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