Loss Of Cell Phone Resulted In Tragic Death

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Today a huge conflict arouse between three friends over the loss of a new cell phone. This led to the tragic death of Rajnakar Raju. This incident took place at BK Guda,Tulasinagar,Hyderabad at 11.20 AM.Naveen purchased a new cell phone and threw an alcoholic party to his friends Purna and Rajnakar Raju at his residence.Three of them consumed a lot of alcohol upto peaks and were in a sub-consciousess mind.After some time Ratnakar went out,New mobile was lost,both Naveen and Poorna were seriously  searching all over the place but were not able to trace it, he called the mobile number,and heard the ringtone coming Ratnakar’s pocket. Naveen became furious and started showering frustration upon him.Both of them started beating Ratnakar vigorously and pushed him to a side.He was badly hurt and sustained lot of injuries.He collapsed on the floor and died on the spot. They did not use any sharp weapons.There is no other reason behind this motive.The police lodged a complaint against the culprits and took them into custody.


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