Minister KTR Issued ECBC certificates to third party Assessors

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Hyderabad, the booming high-tech capital of Telangana, India’s 12th largest state, is pioneering the energycode compliance system through online building approvals. It requires that all new commercial and public buildings, and major retrofits, be certified as complying with the state’s Energy Conservation Building Codebefore construction begins. Plans are underway to expand the online system across Telangana, and eventually to other states. The Mandatory ECBC Compliances System is the start to attract global business houses to set up their offices in Hyderabad with reduced energy bills.

The energy code sets minimum energy efficiency standards that real estate developers must meet through various technologies, such as energy-efficient windows, lighting, building materials, ventilation, landscape orientation, heating and cooling systems and overall design in their building projects. Locking in energy efficiency savings is a key way India can meet its skyrocketing energy demand in its growing cities.

Hyderabad, home to Google, Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, FedEx, Infosys, Amazon, Tata Consultancy Services, and Wipro, has in recent years recognized the need for energy smart buildings to meet its growing energy needs.

The Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI), NRDC and IIIT Hyderabadhave worked with local and state officials to develop the code, guide through its adoption and advise on setting up the online certification system.




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