Mirror like roads about 2k kilometers in Hyderabad soon says Dana kishore

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Mirror like roads about 2k kilometers in Hyderabad soon says Danakishore

M. Dana Kishore, Commissioner, GHMC has directed all the senior officials of the GHMC that the GHMC is having around 2000 kms of roads and must look like mirrors with 100% providing footpaths, pot holes free roads ensuring 100% sanitation, lifting of construction and debris waste in all the areas of the GHMC.
The recarpeting of the roads, sanitation works have to be taken in a more appropriate way by creating no compromise zones, no open manhole on the above said issues the Commissioner held a review meeting with the senior officials of the GHMC and HMWS&SB today at GHMC Head Office.
While interacting with the officials the Commissioner said that the above said tasks should be completed within a span of 2 months in all the 2000 kms stretch where should not be any construction debris waste, garbage and other waste materials on the roads he clearly clarified about that. The city is having around 985 kms where 3 lane, 6 lane roads are existing apart from this the busses which are plying on the main roads should be treated as no compromise zones said the Commissioner, GHMC.
The Commissioner directed the officials to strictly impose fines to the offenders who throw garbage waste construction debris on the main roads. In this context the Commissioner instructed the officials to create awareness about the importance of the maintenance of the roads to the citizens. He also desired that monsoon emergency teams along with HMWS&SB and GHMC vehicles numbering to 44 can be utilized for the above said purpose.
The GHMC has taken up road repairing works on war footing basis, some of the roads works are not being completed in the time frame for which the Commissioner has imposed 35 lakhs fine to the contractor for not completing the work on time bound frame and appealed the contractors to be vigil while taking up the works and election code will not comply for the above said works.

The GHMC is planning to take up the works in 2000 kms stretch and also making an action plan to take up 500 Basthis on the main stretches where road repairing works and Sanitation has to be taken on priority. SC, ST colonies, Basthis all minimum basic facilities have to be taken up where sub plan funds are provided which can be utilized for the said purpose. Bus Stands, Hospitals, Malls and other important Corporate Offices which are existing in 1000 areas should be identified directed to GHMC to HMWS&SB officials.
In the coming 4 to 5 months the city must have a different look for which the officials must have proper coordination with all the Heads of the Departments to take up the works jointly.
The Commissioner stated that myghmcapp has to be highlighted further to all the citizens to utilize. Hotels, Restaurants, Function Halls etc., have to be strictly to keep a vigil on them by not throwing the garbage waste etc., in the drainage and nalas and every need is there to have a interaction with all the management of the Hotels, Restaurants etc., for proper coordination.
Inspite of the interaction with them if anybody fails to comply the orders the Commissioner directed the officials to first issue the notices then to impose heavy penalties to the offenders. The Commissioner directed the officials to prepare an action plan to display the myghmcapp at Function Halls, Malls, Cinema Theatres and Business Establishments so as to have a clear knowledge of the intension to make the City clean and beautiful.
Hereafter the Commissioner will be interacting with Sanitary Field Assistants everyday who are playing a very vital role for taking up cleanliness as a token of encouragement to them the Commissioner will be holding Cell Conference with 10 of the Sanitary Field Assistants. The Commissioner directed the officials to provide the information of all 900 SFAs where there are working place, location etc., along with the detailed information with a separate app to be created for the convenience to every citizens as such clear transparency will be there for taking up sanitation work.
The Commissioner instructed the Zonal Commissioners, Deputy Commissioners to personally monitor the sanitation works especially in the morning hours.


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