My son’s character is crystal clear without any errors Says AP CM

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Telugu Desam Party Supremo Nara ChandraBabu  Naidu  denied the allegation of   corruption charges imposed upon his son Nara Lokesh. He Said those allegations are fake statements and my son’s character is crystal clear without any errors.

Naidu was furious when Pawan Kalyan accused  his son for the first time uttering that there is no need for him to enter politics, to generate more money and  enjoy it’s liberties. If he has just managed Heritage company he could have saved RS 65 crore per annum. Naidu questioned  can Pawan prove at least any charges against my son.

He further stated that I am well aware of Lokesh strategies even the people have immense faith upon him for his hardworking nature. He has enrolled completely dedicating his services for the downtrodden people. I can only see my son during night time only  due to his  busy political schedule he also visits his son once in a week.



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