No Money in Vizag ATM’s …….. Common Man in City Frustrated

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The public faced a lot of hurdles and getting frustrated due to lack of money in Vizag ATM’S Today. As wedding seasons are fast approaching lot of expenditure will be spent, but there is shortage of cash in ATMs. A single person cannot withdraw not more than 10,000 per day.During weekends, holidays, students, businessman and employees walk long distances to reach a nearby ATM but all their hopes are poured in water. General public uttering that ‘For safety and security we are saving our hard-earning money what is the fate now we are not happy with the Government’s demonetization rule.’ Due to its negative impact we are not able to enjoy our dailylfe. Girls residing in hostel need lot of money for daily expenditure.Sometimes PayTM App does not work properly due to network problem.Even senior citizens stand in long queve wait for several hours restlessly to draw pension from ATM’S.


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