Not Satisfied with Teacher Job… Turned as Fake Baba

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Not Satisfied with Teacher Job… Turned as Fake Baba

Only Motto to Earn Money Easily

Though the country has witnessed many innovative discoveries, still some sections of the society are struck by superstitious arrow.Public blindly believe fake baba’s , they are popped as popcorn in every street. Many noteworthy celebrities, politicians and dignitaries have fallen in their trap. Let us encounter what will be its negative impact .

Nellore – A fake baba by name Sudhakar Maharaj lured innocent public by the name of God and consumed their hard-earning money. His real name is Anatabutala Sudhakar.He pursued his B.ed and worked as a government teacher. His life was going on smoothly like flowing river with no obstacles,He was not satisfied with his lifestyle, then he decide to transform himself into a fake baba disguise to cheat the public and generate lot of income through their trust.He started a Gurru Datta Ashram and inculcated the devotees with a feeling of spirituality along he also performed many poojas ,homalu and yagnas at his residence. Earlier he used to work as Personal Secretary to Zilla Parishad Chairman.Later he applied for medical leave in Sullurpet Mandal. Popular music director Mani Sharma and lyrics writer Sirivenella Sitaramsastry also visited his ashram.Along with them politicians,dignitaries,celebrities like Mohan Babu,Roja and creative director Ashwini Dutt seeked his blessings.Seeing at entire scenario a ray of hope emerged in the public mind.If we sincerely follow his sutras all our obstacles will be eradicated and we will lead a peaceful life forever. Fake baba wanted to misuse their strong belief of spiritualy and convert it into cash.To implement his wicked plan  he took the assistance of Vasavi, she used to interact with the devotees and motivated them to come to ashram and become disciple.He had been in an illegal affair with her over a long period.He told the devotees that he is an avatar of Sai Baba and worship me to obtain moksha.Similarly he has established a ‘’Mantrapeetaka Book” they have to purchase book and write Sai Namam for 12 days and deposit 1000 , By doing so you will have double benefit you all will obtain salvation and profit. Both of them wanted to runaway to a far away place after collecting the ransom.But when the public became cautious that this derogatory fake baba is betraying their emotions,feelings and loyal trust and encashing it into funds.They became furious and reverted back upon him and demanded to return their money back. Fake Baba generated 50 lakhs cash.Students and Human Rights Activists demanded his immediate arrest.There is also a rumour that some media organisations are also involved who have joined hands with him to earn more money. Sudhakar played a huge melodrama by consuming poison and got admitted at Simhapuri Hospital to escape from the misdeeds.He also tied a colloboration  with the hospital management to protect him as say his health condition is detoriated.Moreover he is also involved in lot of Binami schemes.


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