Once a Great Warrior… Now a National Super Hero in Politics

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Once a Great Warrior… Now a National Super Hero in Politics

Special Story of KCR on his upcoming Birthday

CM KCR is considered as the National Icon for the young aspiring politicians. He proved his worthy by establishing plenty of welfare activities and schemes for the Telangana people. He is the pride and honour for the Telangana state. Today’s youth  can follow the footsteps of CM KCR to lead a prosperous life forever. Legend KCR proved himself as great warrior by making Telangana State in to Reality. As a continuation to it people verdict made his as First Chief Minister of Telangana New State. He is Not only an Agitator  But also shown his caliber as Administrator of Newly formed state in India. Even entire Nation is following for CM KCR Stategies.  As CM KCR birthday is fast approaching ‘Toofan Daily news ‘ feels deeply delighted to summarize the success story of Legend KCR.

Kalvakuntla Chandrashekhar Rao is commonly known and abbreviated as KCR. He is the first Chief Minister of Telangana and the pioneer behind the formation of Telangana Rashtra Samhiti.


He is born on February 17th 1954 in Chintamadaka village Siddipet Mandal, Medak district of Telangana. His parents names are Raghava Rao and Venkatamma. He posses 9 siblings 8 sisters and one elder brother. KCR pursued his Masters in Telugu literature from Osmania University.After the completion of his studies,he eloped in marriage with Shobha the daughter of a   freedom fighter.After that he was blessed with two children KTR is now a legislator from Sircilla,Karimnagar district and present he is the cabinet minister for IT,Municpal Administration and Urban Development Departments.Daughter Kavitha is Member of Parliament from Nizamabad.

His nephew Harish Rao is an MLA from Siddipet constituency and he is holding the portfolio of cabinet minister for irrigation,legislative assemblies and marketing in Telangana state. He resides with his family members at official CM residence Pragati Bhavan at Hyderabad.

Political Career:

In 1970 KCR joined the youth Congress party in Medak district which was headed by Sanjay Gandhi.Later in 1983 he became an active member in Telugu Desam party.Afterthat he slowly emerged victorious simultaneously for four terms between 1985- 1999.In 2001 he resigned from TDP and formed TRS , a new regional party with a motto to strive hard for the formation of a separate independent Telangana state.In 2004 assembly polls  KCR attained victory in winning Lok Sabha seats of Karimnagar, later he was appointed as the Union Cabinet Minister of Labour and Employment.

Political positions:

KCR has been nominated as the member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) from Siddipet constituency simultaneously for four times between the years 1985-1999.

He held the position of Deputy Speaker of Andhra Assembly.

He also served as a Member of Parliament from Mahabubabad constituency from 2009 – 2014

He is the MLA of Gajwal constituency of Medak district,Telangana.

Political Success:

Apart from politics, he is an active social activist. KCR was a stalwart behind the struggle of Telangana

state. He potrayed a significant role in for raising an uproar for the Telangana rights. He fought with different political allies for the formation of Telangana Rashtra Samhiti.It was a part of UPA coalation Government led by Congress until it had withdrawn its support saying that it was not in good mood to give permission for separate Telangana state. KCR began a fast-unto-death strike after the demise of former CM YS Rajasekhar Reddy. The motive behind this stringent act was appeal for a separate Telangana state.Later the Congress government sanctioned the formation of the Telangana state.

KCR Schemes Are A Boon To Telanganytes:

Mission Bhagiratha- Telangana Drinking Water Project.

Mission Kakatiya

Haritha Haram

Aasara Pension Scheme

Food Security Cards-

Shaadi Mubarakh Scheme

Beedi Workers Pension Scheme

1.‘’Amma Vodi” – This scheme is especially designed for pregnant mothers.It focusses on woman welfare activities and new-born babies. To implement this initiative he has put forward this beneficial scheme. The scheme motive was to reduce complications during pregnancy time and reduces the mortality rate.This kit consists of 16 essential needs that are required for the newly born babies for three months.It consists of babysoap, babyoil,babybed,mosquitonet,dresses,hand-bag,towels,napkins,diapers,shampoo,toys.They wanted to provide nutritional food to lactation mothers and infants. Under the Aarogya Lakshmi scheme – eggs,milk  will be available through Anganawadis.

2.BHK Housing Scheme: Telangana Government – The Telangana Government has made a provision to allot 2 bed room houses to the poor families through the Housing Programme .It will consist of 2 bed rooms,halls,kitchen,two washrooms,with a plinth area of 560 sqft.

3.Mission Bhagiratha– KCR renamed the Water Grid Scheme which is meant for providing safe drinking water to every households in the rural areas with an estimated cost of 35,000 crores as “Mission Bhagiratha”.A mammoth of 1.2 lakh stretch of pipelines will be laid down to quench the thirst of people residing in telangana towns and villages.The mission objective was to provide 100lt of clean drinking water per person in rural households 150 lt- urban households.

Grama Jyoti Scheme – This scheme is launched for the livelihood of villages in Telangana state.The main objective of this scheme was to strengthen the Panchayat Raj System.The government will fulfil all the needs and demands of every village in state as a part of programme.

Harita Haram –Plenty of trees should be planted by everyone to protect the nature.It is mandatory to plant trees to maintain environmental stability and ecological balance that are essential for the existence of all forms- humans,plants and animals.

Beedi Workers – The Telangana Government has announced a new scheme for Beedi Workers( Karmikalu pension scheme).Aasara Pension Scheme  is implemented to support their day to day minimum needs required to lead a life of dignity and social security.Beedi workers belonging to poor family are depending on the Beedi work for livelihood and becomes proned to various health hazards.The Telangana decided to provide financial aid to the Beedi workers who lead a hardcore life and are not paid properly .

Mission Kakatiya – Telangana Government has named restoration of ponds in telangana as “Mission Kakatiya” It is a praise to Kakatiya family.Kakatiya family rulers builted a large irrigation ponds in Telangana.On March 12th 2015 KCR launched ‘’ Mission Kakatiya Program at Sadashivnagar mandal. KCR is planning to get funds for MK from Central Government,World Bank and Japan International Coorporation Agency (JICA) It has sanctioned a fund of 2000 crores for irrigation departments.

Shaadi- Mubarak – This scheme is launched for young Muslim brides in telangana state. All Muslim minorties will be benefited through this scheme.The motive behind this scheme is to decrease the burden of the unmarried Muslim brides . Under this scheme they will be allotted financial assistance of 51,000 shall be granted  to every spinster female at  the time of marriage .

Aasara Pension Schem – This scheme is meant to protect the most-vulnerable sections of the society particularly abandoned senior citizens suffering from health problems, people who are suffering from HIV,AIDS,widows,differently- abled, weavers, labour-people and toddy topus  who lost their livelihood with their growing age. This scheme was implemented to give a helping hand for their livelihood.They wanted to lead a life of dignity and social security.

Health cards – Provision of health cards to downtrodden people for their family welfare- free treatment, health checkup in hospitals.

Kalyana Lakshmi – Telangana Government has introduced Kalyana Lakshmi scheme for SC,ST Brides.It provides a financial assistance of 51,000/ for each unmarried girl at the time of their marriage in Telangana state. It is a myth that baby girl are considered as a burden to their family.They are unable to get married due to poverty. That is why Telangana Governmen has decided to provide 51,000 to the girl’s family to perform the wedding.

KCR’S Grand Victory:

He is a firm believer of Vaastu, Astrology and Numerology. He has good command over English, Telugu, Hindi and Urdu languages.  Veteran Journalist Jalaluddin Akbar will soon write a biography on KCR . It will depict the lifestyle, struggle and triumph of KCR for the formation of Telangana and his grand victory for becoming the first Chief Minister of Telangana. The Muslim Minorties wanted to express their gratitude to KCR for implementing minorities schemes for them

Occupying the Throne

KCR took oath as the first Chief Minister of Telangana state on June 2nd 2014 at 12.54pm.

Awards – He was honoured with  Agricultural Leadership award in 2017

CNN-IBN – Presented him popular choice. Indian of the year award. He  also won  political award

Our entire team of Varaadhi Media and Toofan Daily News are wishing an advance happy birthday to Cm KCR.


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