Oppositions cannot digest the development done in Telangana – Harish Rao

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Sangareddy – Today few Patancheruvu Congress leaders have decided to join TRS party in the presence of TRS Minister Harish Rao as they have lost interest in Congress and felt that it has no growth and Telangana is florishing well under KCR Government. Though they are Congress leaders their minds and souls are inculcated with Telangana feeling and movement.
Harish Rao heartily welcomed them into their party and gave them assurance that all Telangana state is racing ahead in the IT sector and wellfare activities , Seeing its vast development opposition partys are not able to digest the fact and uttering fake statements against our party. He further concluded that our TRS is the only party which granted 24 hrs free power to the poor people and fulfiilled all its promises made during elections. The public are enjoying the liberities of CM KCR schemes and wanted to bring him back to power once again by casting their vote. We are highly confident that we will be victorious winning 100 seats with full majority giving a tough competition to opposition party leaders. Congress leaders are behaving like fools just like purchasing candidates from the market for Mahakutami. There is a lot of chaos between them for seat distribution. TRS party is blossoming well under the leadership of KCR .


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