Payment of Rs. 6291 crores to 7 lakh farmers : Akun Sabharwal

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  • Payment of Rs. 6291 crores to 7 lakh farmers
  • Work hard with more Responsibility
  • Commissioner Sri Akun Sabharwal 
  • Districts Managers Review Meeting

Commissioner for Civil Supplies Department Sri Akun Sabharwal said that in this Khariff season 37 lakh tons of paddy from 7 lakh farmers and Rs. 6291 crores payments were made directly to the farmers accounts directly. In the view of more yield of paddy in coming Rabi season, officers should all take measures from now onwards to make ensure that farmers do not face problems in selling their paddy and get payments at Minimum Support Price. And also should get back CMR (Custom Milling Rice) from millers as soon as possible.

On Sunday, Commissioner held review meeting with Civil Supplies Corporation District Managers at Civil Supplies Bhavan.

Commissioner said, all precautions should be taken in dues payment, mainly in Milling Charges to millers. Strict actions must taken on CMR defaulters. If any officer found doing faults intentionally serious action will be taken against them. Every staff member from ground to high level should work with responsibility. Civil Supplies Department and Corporation should work with co-operating with each other. Tenders should called to clear old stock piled up at godowns and also transparency should be taken while deciding godown lease rent.


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