Power packed Police action resulted in getting back abducted Baby Girl

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 Power packed Police action resulted in getting back abducted Baby Girl

     After a span of six days vigorous hunting the lost toddler is safely traced by the courageous lady  police officer. She is the real hero in this story for taking a stringent initiative immediately to find the kidnapped baby. Being a daring and dynamic lady cop she understood the misery experienced by the pathetic woman who has lost her baby girl. That is why she hold the baby girl in her arms and captured a pic and forwarded it to officers in Hyderabad and vice versa they showed it to the mother to make her happy and get relaxed.  Police finally found the baby girl with safe hands but couldn’t trace the culprit were abouts.  Police traced  the baby in Bidar and now they are bringing the infant to  Hyderabad. 

  One Woman named by Sabavat Vijaya(25) gave birth to a healthy baby girl in Hyderabad koti maternity hospital. Few days back when no one was present at Vijayas bed a suspected unknown women approached near her uttering that she would take the baby for vaccination. Blindly believing that unknown woman tactics she gave her baby to her authority. Hours passed away but still there is no signs of her come back with the toddler. She immediately raised alarmed at that time her husband and relatives reported on the spot. They searched all over the hospital premises and showered their frustration over the negligence of the hospital management. Finally they registered a complaint with sultanbazar  police. As a part of investigation police saw the CC Tv footage in that they identified a suspect lady carrying away the toddler and escaped from the Hospital. The culprit lady took a rtc bus from MGB station to bidar.   Immediately police became cautious and informed the karnataka police.  Proceeding this a team was headed by Sultanbazar ACP DR Chetana rushed to Bidar. According to the available sources they found the missing baby in bidar government hospital who was kidnapped and left alone. Finally the police crew where successful in finding the baby safely. But they couldn’t trace the culprit women who absconded from that serenity. ACP Chetana took the baby in to her folds and took a snap with her team and sent immediately officers in Hyderabad. East Zone DCP Ramesh sent an officer to the mother of the missing baby and consoled her. After seeing that pic in the mobile Vijaya mother of missed baby identified and her heart rejoiced and weeped. Vijaya’s family members also expressed their gratitude to the police officials intelligence. Now police is on a hunt to track the kidnapper woman who committed the misdeed. The public showered affection and respect towards the police department hardcore dynamic action skills in finding the Baby Girl. 


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