Pub Culture is becoming a menace to the Indian Culture

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Humans are social persons and loves to have  some recreation to get relief from heavy work schedule. Cooperate world is very demanding and generous. However due to the back to back deadlines, work pressure and shortage of time colleagues often find it difficult to greet each other in office hence they choose a platform were they can have drinks and chill out and collect jovial moments in an informal atmosphere. This helps in building relationships solidarity among team mates between senior junior colleagues in an office. 

A pub is a relaxed social drinking establishment offering  whisky, beers, wines, vodka, rum, breezers, meals and snacks. Pubs are regarded as places for entertainment, relaxation for a person,  which is usually opened at night time  which is adaptable for youngsters. Major strata of the urban population belong to young generation , and they assume pubs are the appropriate place were they can be hazzle free and dance to the rocking  music beats enjoying their favorite drink. 

There had been many incidents that led to brawl, prolonged  fights, arguments, violence etc., emerging from pubs and discotheque. As alcohol is served plenty in pubs along  with it loud music is played due to which guys become hyper active and misbehave with females. With mammoth array of choices available for our youth, in terms of pursuits and activity. They must focus on constructing a responsible, emphatic, society while some section of the society believes that root cause for the youth destruction is the existence of pubs instilled with degraded morals.


Youth mindset is always  inculcated with spirit of adventures which awakens the nation. Guys are always fascinated to learn new flavors of life.  They have developed a distinct western culture which is eradicating the traditions and customs of Indian culture. Apart from them pubs are regarded as hubs for drugs addiction, violence,eve  teasing, usage of abusive derogatory words on females. Nowadays  youth have indulged in imitating the western culture in every aspect of their lifestyle – dress, hairstyle, food, music. Dancing in discotheques and misbehaving with woman has became a star status for them. Youth lifestyle is confined to gizmo, gadgets, pubs taping their feet to music beats arethe regular activities discharged by today’s youth. 

Indulging in bad habits like smoking, drinking, addiction to drugs is a not a good sign for the mere future of a developing nation.Youth resort to pubs to come out of their depressed mindset at work place or academics. The pub manager hires young girls to attract more customers and offer them drinks. Nowdays to gain more profit pubowners  are appointing  bar girls to lure the young guys by doing pole dance it is another way of drawing attention.Some pubs  also provide recreational activities such as darts, skittles, pool, smooker. 

Disco music too has a undesirable effect on youngster’s moral, spiritual, ethical development. 80% of the pubs are not checking the age group of teengers, they are simply permitting permission to have liquor in bar. Government should implement stringent rules to curb the pub timings. Parents should interact with their children and warn them not to fall in the pub culture trap.Let us behave like worthy citizens of the nation with innovative thoughts which is essential for the country progress. Though many woman  and Patriotic organisations have protested against pub culture  it is not  taken serious and stringent rules are also not applied.

Youth are the wings of a developed nation  and they must  draw a line between our responsibilities and fun.We must be able to view the world in a wider prospective. Eg- Jessica Lal a former model and a celebrity barmaid was murdered at a crowded  socialite party. This tragic incident took place  on 30th April 1999 at around 2am. Dozens of witnesses pointed to Siddharth Vashisth, also known as Manu Sharma the son of Vinod Sharma, a wealthy influential Congress-nominated Member of Parliament from Harayana. Jessica was one of the several models who worked at a unlicensed bar at a party.In any bar sale of alcohol ceases at 12.30.Manu walked in to the bar along with his friends and demanded for liquor, she refused to serve them, he was luring her by offering 1000$. In agony Sharma fired a 22 calibre pistol twice 1st bullet hit the ceiling as a warning to Jessica, but still she was very stubborn then he fired that bullet on her head and she was shot dead on the spot.Manu Sharma was acquitted on 21 February 2006. He was found guilty of having murdered Jessica lal, he was sentenced to life time imprisonment on 20th December 2006. This true story reveals the real identity of western culture and how it is creating a chaos in youngsters behavior patterns which ultimately transforms them into criminals. The young generation are getting bitten by the venomous bite of pub culture now it is the responsibility of the society to transform them into responsible good citizens of India.


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