Recycling of Dry Waste as a part of Swach Program

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Recycling of Dry Waste as a part of Swach Program

Telangana State Forest Department has taken an innovative step in a Swach program towards the departmental contribution by giving the dry waste to the ITC WOW organisers who were involved in recycling of dry waste viz Paper/ Carton, etc. to convert into reusage of products, with a motive of reduce environmental pollution and less cutting of Trees.

The initiatives was taken by the officers for the past 8 months, all the dry waste (paper, plastic, metal, electronic, glass) from Aranya Bhavan is being handed over to M/s.ITC limited, Hyderabad under the WOW Program (Wellbeing Out of Waste) .  The dry waste is being collected by M/s. ITC Limited once in a fortnight.

                The following rates are offered by the M/s. ITC for the Dry waste

  1. Paper/Carton                    –              Rs.7 per Kg.
  2. E-waste/ metals               –              Rs.10 per kg.

    III.            Plastic                                   –              Rs.5 per Kg.

Till now we have handed over 1100 Kgs. of Paper/ plastic/cardboard/ packaging material, etc. apart from 7764 Kgs. of Electronic & Metal waste.  The total value of this dry waste is Rs.85,320.  However, we have requested ITC to provide us with Xerox bundles instead of cash in lieu of this waste.  Accordingly we have received 336 bundles of Legal size xerox paper and 147 bundles of A4 size xerox paper.  The paper bundles are priced at ex-factory price of @ Rs.165 per A4 size bundle and Rs.180 per Legal Size bundle.  The same bundles cost in the market @ Rs.225 per A4 bundle and Rs.275 per Legal size bundle.  Thus for the dry waste which would have gone into municipal dustbin, we could get Xerox paper workth Rs.1,25,475 (market price).  Recycling of dry waste is one way of contributing for a better environment.  Similar initiative may be taken at District level  for waste segregation in all offices of the forest department and dry waste sent for recycling under WOW program of ITC, Limited or any other such agency active in the district.

The first batch of xerox paper bundles is being formally handed over by ITC Limited to the Department on 16th May 2018.  As token of remembrance of this event each of the Circle, District and Division Office is being supplied with Xerox bundle.

In this regard, a meeting held at Aranya Bhavan and the following officers and representative of ITC were attended the meeting:  Sri P.K. Jha, PCCF (HoFF),  Raghuveer, PCCF (IT), Prudhvi Raju – PCCF (Production) and Add.PCCF’s Lokesh Jayashwal, Sobha, R.M. Dobriyal, Sunil Kumar Gupta, Thirupathaiah and Chandra Shekhar Reddy, CCFs/CFs M.J. Akbar, Raja Rao, S.K. Sinha, C.P.Vinod Kumar, Servanan and Umakanth, ITC-WOW, South India Head. 


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