Robbers Looted Passengers in Train by offering Toxic Food

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Some robbers hoarded a weekly express train travelling from Yeshwanthpur to Lucknow. They got in to the second class sleeper compartment and made friendship with the co-passengers by cracking jokes. The robbers offered them  Toxic mixed biscuits and bananas to the passengers. The innocent public have fallen in their trap after consuming these toxic eatables, they felt sleepy after a while they landed in an unconsciousness state of mind. After a while   RPF officials became cautious and searched every corner of the compartments  to trace the offenders but they escaped very quickly. They have stolen cash, gold, mobiles and valuable properties. Railway robbers have pre-planned this burglary to betray the passengers and run-away with their hard earning money. The RPF called 108 ambulance and took  an initiative to admit the patients at a nearby  Government Hospital in Nellore for medical treatment. The doctors prescribed that 11 patients are still feeling drowsy and are given medication.Their BP has fallen down , saline is injected to regulate body fluids. No injuries are found all patients are safe out of danger, while others are feeling irritation due to heavy dosage of chemicals. The police have filed a case and investigation process is carried on to arrest the culprits.


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