Sankranthi is celebrated to forget misery and begin a fresh

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Sankranthi is celebrated to forget misery and begin a fresh

Sankranthi is a famous harvesting festival of Hindus celebrated throughout India by different states – Tamilnadu- Pongal, Kerala-Onam, Gujarat and Rajasthan- Uttarayana,Punjab-Maghi. Huge number of masses take a bath in the holy rivers of Ganga and Godavari. This festival is celebrated to forget their misery and begin a fresh lease of life imbibed with peace, purity, success, wealth, good health and prosperity to prosper in their lives forever.

It is a festival of jovial moments, unity, get together of big families coming under one roof from different places to refresh their mind-sets and enjoy the festival ambience for 3 days that is Sankranthi, Bhogi and Kanuma. Public wanted to refresh their mind-set from city’s heavy pollution and feel delighted participating in the village fairs, feasts, kitefestivals, harikada, puppetry, burakada and cockfight .

Sankranthi- It is celebrated to worship Lord Surya Bhagwan.A famous delicious dish is especially prepared with freshly harvested rice, milk and jaggery known as Parvanam it is offered to God apart from it diferent yummy snacks are also prepared by females like arisalu, chakinalu, jantukulu, boorelu, kajikayalu, ladulu. New clothes are kept to the dead persons in the family for their soul to rest in peace. Women folk gather together at a place and display a Bommala Koluvu’’ [Wooden toys] and they take part in perantam offering them betal leaf , blouse piece as a part of promoting the culture.

Bhogi-All the family members wake up early in the morning before the sunrise and burn the old wooden material in the fire by doing so evil spirits will vanish and the house will be bestowed by God blessings throughout the year. In adittion to it elderly people pour coins ,flowers and bhogi pallu on children head’s for their good health and protect them from wicked eyes.

Kanuma- It is the ending day of the festival. On this auspicious day all the domestic animals will be worshiped and devotees. Cattle are given a bath their horns are decorated with flowers, turmeric is applied on cow’s feet and kumkum is applied on forehead , anklets are tied on both feet vice-versa a glitering costume is also kept on its hump ,a tiny bell is also tied in the neck region . Hindus consider cow as a holy God vehicle that is why they touch the feet of gangireddu so that all their sins will perish and their life wil blossom into flower. Similarly Haridas visits every home people offer rice and seek his blessings during night’s public enjoy street plays like harikada and burakada were Ramayana and Mahabharatham stories are narrated with dance and music.

In adittion  to it females clean their floor and draw beautiful attractive muggulu at their entrance to invite God into their home and by seeking his blessings peace and prosperity will prevail forever. Similarly marigold flower is placed on the top of cowdung balls called gobbamalu. Young girls wear langaa voni and dance near it.

Kite festival is also a special attraction of this festival which is celebrated with a lot of hype and enthusiasm . It is conducted everyear in Shilparam . Cockfight is another noteworthy traditional festival celebrated in Andra Pradesh .Sharp razors are tied to its feet and sent for war which wins the battle will be rewarded to its owner, similarly Jalli Kattu a famous bull fight festival of Tamilnadu. A active energetic powerful bull is released into a huge massive crowds the one who control’s her horns and stops it from escaping the arena will be declared as a winner a lot of bloodshed is seen several innocent will be crushed will be injured in the race. As a revolt against the animal brutality PETA appealed to the high court to put a ban on this but tamilians fought against this as they regard this festival as pride and honour of promoting their traditions and culture from  ancient period.


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