Sonia Gandhi assumes Congress Party will come into Power

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Today the Congress party held a three day plenary session which commenced at the Constitution Club in New Delhi. The motto of the conclave is  to prepare for 2019 Lok Sabha elections. The meet is being attended by Congress Chief Ministers, State Congress Presidents, Congress legislature party leaders from all states. Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi and other Legendre where  present.

Rahul Gandhi  has delivered the inaugural address . The motive behind this is to adopt two resolutions, one political and the other is unemployment and eradication of poverty. Party leaders will also draft resolutions which will be adopted at the conclave after two days. The Congress Working Committee members will be picked by the party President on the concluding day of the meet. The session  will ratify  Rahul’s appointment as Congress President.This weekend Congress Plenary comes in wake of significant political developments, including efforts by regional parties to gather at the common platform and attack at the BJP Government.

Congress Plenary Meet in New Delhi

Sonia Gandhi along with her party  leaders are waited outside to receive and greet New Congress President Rahul Gandhi.

Congress Plenary Session 2018- The Theme for INC Plenary 2018 . Change is Now!

Rahul Gandhi heartly welcomed the delegates and distinguished dignitaries and commented that we are looking forward to interact with you and to share experiences and perspectives that will together help us to build a stronger, more vibrant Congress Party Jai Hind.

Congress party’s three – day plenary session . The Congress party told that plenary will focus on party workers than its leaders as it goes about strengthening of the organisation ahead of the next Lok Sabha Polls.

Congress spokesperson Randeep Sujrewala stated that the Committee deliberated four resolutions which will be presented at the Congress plenary session in great detail. Various suggestions were poured in and Rahul Gandhi has directed the Chairman of these committees to incorporate the suggestions in the resolutions.”

Congress 84th Plenary Session – Rahul Gandhi chaired the meeting of the subjects committee to give final shape to the draft resolutions to be adopted at conclave.

Sonia Gandhi Today addressing the gathering said Congress is the only party which win the hearts of all section of India. She assumed that Congress party very soon will come in to the power. Today’s her speech in the plenary raised the confidence level of the party leaders of all levels.




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