Step Further To Protect The Rights Of The Women In The State

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Step Further To Protect The Rights Of The Women In The State

DR.B. Rammohan, Mayor, GHMC said that after formation of the Telangana State more Women Empowerment to protect women has taken a step further to protect the rights of the women in the State for which a State Women Commission in Telangana has been formed. The main of the Commission is that women must know their rights and acts to protect themselves at the time of emergency situation.

H.W.Mayor has participated in the Legal Awareness Programme on Human related Acts in the State to the Corporators and the Staff of the GHMC where Dr.Tripurana Venkat Ratnam, Chairperson, Telangana State Commission for Women, Dr.B.Janardhan Reddy, Commissioner, GHMC, Corporators, Officials  and Staff of the GHMC have participated in the awareness programme held at GHMC Head Office today.

H.W.Mayor said that the Hyderabad City has taken up lot of innovative programmes for the safety of Women Protection to curb eave teasing etc., even deploying She Teams for the protection of the women. He further stated that  a separate cell in the GHMC for Women rights will be provided for which Mayor requested the Chairperson to give some of the suggestions and opinion in this regard.

Smt. T. Venkat Ratnam addressing the gathering said that marriages must be registered for the safety of the women previously in every village a 12 women member committee were formed which have to be strengthened further for the safety of the women and stated that the attending women representatives and the officials must sensitize their friends, relatives on women rights and join hands to fight for the women rights as per the provisions she added.     

Dr.B.Janardhan Reddy, Commissioner, GHMC said that the women must know their rights and act provisions etc., so that they can protect themselves and can also help the needy women for help through various act provisions. Already the city has initiated various schemes like she teams to protect the women yielding good results. The Commissioner further stated that every college and school organization should form five member students to constitute a committee to curb eave teasing and other problems related to women.

Later on a power point presentation with regard to women protection photos etc., have been presented, Sri Bhaskara Chary, AC(UCD), Corporators, GHMC Women Officials, Staff have participated in the awareness programme.


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