TDP and YSRCP Joined Forces For No-Confidence Motion In Parliament

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Both the Telugu Desam Party as well as YSR Congress party keeping all their differences apart , are implementing  all necessary skills under one roof  to fight for Andhra Pradesh rights . They have moved a no – confidence – motion against the NDA Government in parliament. Both  partys have expressed their grief and began showering frustration upon the ruling party BJP for not fulfilling their promises made by them during the state bifurcation for Special Category Status for Andhra Pradesh.

To move a motion in the house, both parties require 50 signatures each. Despite there is a breakup with the TDP, BJP is still strong in both regional and national wide.When Modi assumed to power in 2014, the BJP has won 282 seats in the Lok Sabha while the NDA coalition had 336 seats At that time it enjoyed a comfortable majority at present the BJP has only 274 seats, which is just over the halfway mark of 270 in the 539 members in house.

It is clearly evident that TDP with 16 seats, YSRCP which has 9 seats, Congress with 48 MP’s have stated that they will provide their support irrespective of any party for no – confidence motion to be moved in the house.

Telugu Desam Party MP Thota Narasimham commented that we are interacting with opposition parties Trinamool, Congress and the Samajwadi party  for their support for the no- confidence  motion to be moved in the parliament. He said that TDP was looking for a debate in the house on how the government is functioning.It is the responsibility of all parties to support us. We will not let ur Government fall apart.

At present Lok Sabha is having 539 members. BJP has 274 more than half way mark of 270.The BJP has the support of Shiv Sena and Akali Dal. Meanwhile TDP members protested in front of Mahatma Gandhi’s statue in parliament . The first two weeks of the last phase of the budjet session were washed out due to protests from opposition party.



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