Technology Partnership MoU exchanged between Government of Telangana and Taiwan

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Technology Partnership MoU  exchanged between Government of Telangana and Taiwan

The largest event of its kind in the technology domain, World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT) 2018, concluded on the 21st of February with Telangana, India handing over the baton to Armenia for the 2019 edition. As a part of the closing ceremony, a Technology Partnership MoU was exchanged between officials of the Government of Telangana State and Taoyuan City, Taiwan.

In the presence Minister for IT, Industries and MA&UD, K T Rama Rao, the agreement was signed by and exchanged between the Principal Secretary to Government, JayeshRanjan and Director of the Board, Taoyuan City, Mr. Robert Huang.

Taoyuan, one of the fastest growing cities with respect to entrepreneurship, innovation and IoT, and Government of Telangana have agreed to partner on the following-

  1. Collaborate on attracting investments 

For the purpose of mutual economic development, Government of Telangana and Taoyuan City shall engage in economic exchange of technology companies that have operations in either Telangana or Taoyuan City. Any home-grown company of Taoyuan City which is interested in exploring the markets in Telangana and setting up operations in Telangana shall be provided the necessary regulatory support and policy benefits as mentioned in the ICT Policy of Telangana. Similarly, companies with origin or large presence in Telangana shall be encouraged to evaluate economic opportunity to set up operations with local government support. 

  1. Products and Applications that help with Governance 

Any technology product or application developed by a startup or an enterprise incorporated in Taoyuan City which is of relevance to the Government of Telangana shall be tried and tested within a designated sample space in Telangana as a Proof of Concept.  

  1. Support Startups 

The ITE&C Department, Government of Telangana shall actively support Taoyuan City in its efforts to create a conducive atmosphere for spurring innovation and entrepreneurship. As a part of this collaboration, through the T-Bridge program of T-Hub, Government of Telangana and Taoyuan City shall facilitate exchange of startups between the locations of both the Parties. Support in the form of market strategy, mentorship, access to funding, etc. shall be provided through T-Bridge. 

  1. Tie – ups with Educational institutions 

Telangana has a large number of prestigious technology universities and colleges. Government of Telangana is interested in further enriching the academic excellence in the state by implementing faculty training programs, student exchange program, and R&D programs in the areas of IoT and Smart Technologies. 

  1. Joint exhibition of latest technology solutions 

Government of Telangana and Taoyuan City shall explore the possibility to conduct a joint expo / exhibition of innovative technology solutions. The expo can be conducted on a rotation basis between Telangana and Taoyuan City every 2 years.


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