Telangana CM KCR Visited Tummilla lift irrigation site

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Chief Minister Sri.K.Chandrashekhar Rao during the visit to Tummilla lift irrigation site has directed the officials concerned to see that irrigation projects being constructed through Jurala source should be able to cater the needs of 8 lakh acres by providing water for irrigation. CM has directed the irrigation officials to see that the first phase of lift irrigation scheme from Tummilla should commence from this year.  CM has opined that on completion of Tummilla lift irrigation scheme nearly 87,500 acres RDS ayacut would be stabilized up to 100 percent.

CM has inspected the Tummilla lift irrigation works which would lift water from Tungabhadra river and supply to RDS canal works. CM has inspected the intake point, the approach canal and the pump house at Tungabhadra. Irrigation Minister T.Harish Rao, Panchayat Raj Minister Jupally Krishna Rao, Planning Commission vice chairman S.Niranjan Reddy, TRS Parliamentary party leader K.Kesava Rao, IDC Chairman Shanker Reddy, Irrigation department ENC Muralidhar, SE Khagender, GENCO Director, SPCDCL Director Srinivas Reddy, CMO Secretary Smita Sabharwal, Clooector Ronal Ross were among others who accompanied Hon’ble CM.

‘It is expected that 87,500 acres would get irrigated water from RDS but, during the last 10 years it is not happening. The entire ayacut will get water through Tummilla irrigation on its completion ‘said the chief minister. CM also said that ‘1,20,000 acres between the Krishna and Tungabhadra river ayacut area will get irrigated water when once the Tummilla and Gattu irrigation schemes are completed. CM also said that through Jurala 1,04,000 acres, through Nettempadu 2,50,000 acres, through Bheema 2,50,000 acres and through Koilsagar 50,000 acres, through RDS 87,500 acres will be irrigated through these lift irrigation schemes’. It is also proposed to provide drinking water through these projects. CM has directed the officials that for utilizing the water in a proper manner along with the existing reservoirs if additional reservoirs are required on need base proposals need to be conceived and required pump houses and canals construction has to be completed.

Tummilla lift irrigation scheme details

Project cost 783 crores.

Irrigation waters will flow along 87,500 acres.

Water will be lifted from this season onwards.

  • Through RDS in Gadwal, Alampur constituencies covering 75 villages 87,500 acres need to be provided water. 15.9 TMCs water allocation is made available.
  • During last 10 years only 31,500 acres was getting water. Remaining 56,000 acres was dried up due to non-availability of water.
  • Only 5 TMCs was made use of and remaining 11 TMCs was unavailable.
  • To fill the gap and provide water for 87,500 acres of land with 783 crores Tummilla lift irrigation scheme has been taken up.
  • From Sunkesula balancing reservoir which stores water from Tungabhadra water will be lifted at Tummilla village and will be flown to RDS canal with this 56,000 acres ayacut will be brought under irrigation.
  • In the second phase MallammaKunta, Julakal, Vallur reservoirs will be constructed. One TMC of water will be kept as reserve.
  • In this season alone from Sunkesula water is proposed to be pumped.


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