Tickets only to winning candidates in their constituencies – CM Chandrababu

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Telangana – The TDP party has very less scope to win elections in Telangana. As the elections are merging up TDP formed an alliance with TJS party, CPI and Congress as Mahakutami ( Great Union) to defeat TRS party. There will be also shortage of seats for TDP party in Mahakutami due to tie- up . As days are passing by it has become a major hurdle for the High Command to convince the senior – most leaders not to get panic . TDP Supremo Naidu has came to a conclusion to allot party ticket to a worthy candidate who posses higher chances of winning with huge margin against the opponent party candidate. Keeping all these circumstances in mind regarding the duration of time period for elections he wants to save few seats and move ahead with a positive approach utilizing all the available opportunities. Lot of confusion is prevailing among the Mahakutami leaders about the huge shuffle in the distribution of seats . How many seats will be given to each party? CM Naidu is struck in a dilemma how to convince senior- most leaders who worked hard for party growth and also aspiring leaders who posses immense faith and pinned lot of hopes, now there is a turmoil whom to give priority and preference and allot ticket. This has become a big obstacle for CM Naidu that is why he came to a conclusion to sanction party ticket who wins in his constituency with a huge majority. All TDP leaders and ministers are looking forward with enthusiasm regarding their fate and future in Mahakutami. They made a survey to enroll candidates equipped with wealth and man-power . Large number of young TDP politicians are contesting from Greater Hyderabad who always won with majority. This time they are expecting for 6 to 8 seats. . Senior TDP leader Venkateswarao uttered do not feel disappointed if you do not win it is a common hazard when we contest through alliance.

Similarly Congress party is also in the que for the distribution of seats in Mahakutami. They are contesting from Kukatpally, Patancheru, Serilingampally,Kairatabad, Jubilee hills, Sanathnagar, Secunderabad and Uppal. If TDP candidate wins who is the appropriate candidate to get seat, Tdp is filtering the candidates list. TDP highly- influential politician Peddireddy expressed his views that under Common Minimum Program different political partys manifestos are prepared. We are also preparing our activities under the CMP.


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