Toy Car Battery Led To Mysery… Boy hurt badly

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Bhadrachalam – A 9 years old boy Aravind was succumbed to remote car bomb-blast at Kothagudem village.He is studying 4th standard.As usal he regularly goes to school while returning home he visited a nearby fair and purchased this remote car.

According to the available sources, the boy’s father uttered that after completing his homework he began playing with the   remote car suddenly a wire touched his left hand and suddenly  the car’s battery bombarded drastically   which we did not expect.

Due to its fatal effect the young boy’s left hand is fully smashed and he  felt unconscious and was in a terrific situation. The Boy’s parents carried him in an auto and admitted him in  Prashanthi Hospital in Khammam  for medical treatment.The boy suffered serious injuries, his condition was critical.His poor parents were weeping watching the pathetic condition of their solo son.The doctors prescribed that car particles pierced deeply into his body.Liver was completely damaged ,small intestine came out,Stomach and lntestine are severely damaged. We checked BP saline is maintain body fluids.Xray is performed for further diagnosis.Left intestine is completely damaged. Surgery is performed for the 5th finger and resurrected it.2cm whole is pierced in abdomen region.Orthopaedic surgery is also conducted.Now he is kept in post operative period so that the infection will not prolong further.The boy’s condition is still critical only after 24 hrs we can predict his status.


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