What Ever Be The Protest Siva Prasad Is A Ever-Ready Battery To Perform Skits

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What Ever Be The Protest Siva Prasad Is A Ever-Ready Battery To Perform Skits

His Skits Strikes As An Arrow Protesting For AP Rights

Dr.Naramalli  SivaPrasad is an  Indian film actor turned politician. He belongs to the Telugu Desam Party. SivaPrasad is elected to Lok Sabha from Chitoor constituency in Andhra Pradesh. He was one of few MP’s who is suspended for protesting in Indian Parliament against state bifurcation.

He dressed up in many fancy dress costumes demanding for  Special Category Status for Andhra Pradesh. SivaPrasad in Lord Shiva attire protested against the Central Government  near Mahatma Gandhi statue in Parliament. He commented that ‘NDA is playing games with God, be cautious almighty is spying upon your party  with broad vision. He forgot his promises that he assured  for Andhra people to sanction them their inherited property i.e  Special Category Status so i am alerting him through my costume. The God came in my dream and advised me to remind the Modi Government to be loyal towards Andhra Pradesh. There is a revenue deficit of the year 2014- 15 for 16,078 crores, and now the centre has cut it down to just 4,000 crore.’

Shiv Prasad has caught the attention of fellow parliament colleagues and media hub imbibed with his unique style of protest seeking for a better deal of AP. He also dressed as acoustic and protested at Mahatma Gandhi statue. Apart from it he also potrayed several avtaars like Haridas, Ambedhkar, Snake charmer, Hari Katha, Folk Singer. He blames the BJP Government  through his skits that it didn’t not fulfill it’s promise made during the state bifurcation .He further added that TDP chief declared that there will be no compromise on the commitments made in the AP Reorganisation Act 2014. It suffered major loss due to bifurcation. He also dressed as Dr.Bhima Rao Ambedhkar , he carried a copy of Indian Constitution in hand and even posed like Ambedhkar. When ever Shiva Prasad visits Delhi he grabs media and public attention by his dress code as well his punch dialogues. He is famous for potraying various skits to protest in parliament against the NDA Government. He demands Modi to keep his promises which he made in front of Goddess Kanakamahalaxmi and Lord Venkateswara.

Similarly  he dressed as tantrik and equipped with wooden pellet rattle,and also did pooja outside the parliament urging for special package for AP.He kept on chanting mystic mantras and quoted that Lord has forwarded a message to Modi through me. Modi Sarkar is playing hardcore games with the emotions and sentiments of ANDHRA people and my humble request to him not to hurt my people trust. He failed to provide lot of assurances now I am reminding him through my skit open ur eyes and give ur inherited property.

During demonetization in 2016 , He played Veena in hand along with the couple of co- passengers, narrated public’s ordeal after Centre denoted first 500 and 1000 notes. Earlier in 2016 he dressed up as Sudama. He was seen holding a cut out of PM Modi with a peacock feather on his head to potray Modi as Krishna. Siva Prasad was also a seen in parliament donning a shirt with pictures of wailing farmer on one side and rich businessmen to demand to form loan waivers.In adittion to it he dressed as Andhra folk singer to protest against BJP partiality showing bias. No matter wat ever be the protest Siva Prasad is a ever-ready battery to perform skits . He enrolled himself from a generous Santa Claus to a spiritual tantric to threaten the ruling party to discharge their respective duties with honesty. 


He is a familiar face in Tollywood before entering politics he potrayed distinct roles in movies as a villan and character artist some of his noteworthy films are – Tulasi,Maska, Drona, Kithakithalu,Danger,Jai Chiranjeeva, Pilla Zamindar, Laxmi,Yamuduki Mogudu. As a director he made films like Prema Thapasu, Illalu. Siva Prasad is 67 years old LokSabha MP from Chitoor.He is also a vivid social worker. His parents are Nagaiah and Chengamma . He got married to Ralavi Vijayalakshmi and posses two daughters.

Even Today the Chittoor Minister portrayed the role of a Priest holding Bible in a hand stating that Lord Jesus appeared in his vision and advice him to remind Modi government about the promises they made before Elections. 

Despite facing many obstacles it seems that MP Sivaprasad has fixed his mind to continue his skits and protest for AP Special Status  with much determination.



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